cropped-supporters_of_britain_red_liberation.pngFree Syria: For the Immediate Release of Ahmad Rahhal and Mohammed Jadaan!


Emergency Statement of the RCIT, 13 September 2019, 


  1. In the last days the security apparatus of Hayyat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) has arrested two media activists, Ahmad Rahhal and Mohammed Jadaan. Both are prominent journalists in the free territories of Syria in the North and have been supporters of the Syrian Revolution since the beginning.


  1. While the reasons for Jadaan’s arrest are not known at the moment, it is clear why Ahmad Rahhal has been detained. Rahhal published a video statement of an important HTS commander Abu al-Abed Ashidaa in which the latter strongly criticized the central leadership.


  1. The RCIT, as an international organization, has supported the liberation struggle of the Syrian people against the tyranny of Assad and Putin from the very first hour. We continue to defend the ongoing Syrian Revolution irrespective of our political criticism of the current leadership of this struggle. We defend the right of free speech of the supporters of the Syrian Revolution.


  1. We demand the immediate release of Ahmad Rahhal and Mohammed Jadaan!


International Bureau of the RCIT



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cropped-supporters_of_britain_red_liberation.pngAramco Attack: Defeat the US/Saudi/Israeli Warmongers!


Defend Iran against any imperialist aggression! But no political support for the reactionary Mullah Regime in Teheran!


Statement of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 16 September 2019,




  1. A major air strike on Saudi Arabia’s oil infrastructure on 14 September is bringing the Middle East to the brink of another major war. The attack on two key facilities of Saudi Aramco, which is the heart of the country’s petroleum and natural gas business and one of the largest companies in the world, halted production of 5.7 million barrels of crude a day, more than half of Saudi Arabia’s global daily exports and more than 5% of the world’s daily crude oil production. This disruption is the greatest on record for world markets, according to figures from the International Energy Agency (even larger than the disruption around the time of Iran’s 1979 Revolution). The markets reacted with panic. Brent crude futures, the international benchmark, briefly rose by as much as 19.5% to $71.95 per barrel, the biggest intra-day jump since 14 January 1991 (before the start of the Gulf War at that time).


  1. The Houthi movement in Yemen claimed responsibility for the attack. However, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused Iran in a Twitter post: “Amid all the calls for de-escalation, Iran has now launched an unprecedented attack on the world’s energy supply“. At the same time, a senior Iraqi intelligence official said that the strikes were made by Iranian drones launched from Hashd al-Shaabi bases in southern Iraq – a claim which has been denied by the Iraqi government (David Hearst: Iranian drones launched from Iraq carried out attacks on Saudi oil plants, Middle East Eye, 15 September 2019). US President Donald Trump said that the United States is “locked and loaded” for a military strike against Iran.


  1. Irrespective if the attack has been launched by the Houthis, by pro-Iranian militias in Iraq or by Iran itself, there can be no doubt that this strike was a legitimate attack against Saudi Arabia and its US-American and Israeli allies. Saudi Arabia has waged a barbarous war against the Yemeni people since 2015 resulting in thousands of civilians killed and millions starving. It has aided Israel which launched repeated air strikes against pro-Iranian forces in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq (not to speak about the ongoing Zionist aggression against the heroic Palestinian people in Gaza). Furthermore, the Saudi monarchy is a key force in the pro-US counter-revolutionary alliance in the Middle East which strangles Iran with massive sanctions and military provocations in the Persian Gulf (and which, at the same time, props up the military dictatorship in Egypt, supports the coup attempt of General Haftar in Libya and tries to smash the Palestinian resistance).


  1. Clearly, the U.S. Administration is in a quandary: if it launches air strikes against Iran in retaliation it risks a military escalation which could get easily out of control. In any case, a massive rise in oil prices would be guaranteed which would accelerate the downturn of the capitalist world economy (a process which is already taking place). It would have immediate effects on the U.S. consumers, diminishing the already modest chances of U.S. President Trump to safeguard his re-election. The fact that Trump recently sacked John Bolton, his National Security Adviser and a notorious anti-Iranian warmonger, reflects the desire of the U.S. Administration to avoid such a war with Iran (of course only after it recklessly escalated the aggression against Teheran for one and a half years without the desired result). On the other hand, if Washington refrains from a military strike against Iran, it would be a major foreign policy embarrassment for the Trump Administration and its whole counter-revolutionary alliance with Israel and Saudi Arabia. It would further diminish substantially the prestige of U.S. imperialism and accelerate its decay – a process which takes already place since a number of years. In any case, the successful air strike against the nerve centre of the Saudi energy system has demonstrated that Saudi and other Gulf oil facilities are vulnerable to this kind of attack which has serious consequences both for world politics as well as for the world economy. In short, whatever will be outcome of the current crisis it will have significant repercussions on the world situation.


  1. The Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) reaffirms its long-standing position on this conflict. We condemn the rampant aggression of U.S. imperialism against Iran and call for the immediate withdrawal of all U.S. forces from the region. We call for the immediate and unconditional lifting of all sanctions against Iran. In case of any military conflict between Iran and the US, Israel or any of its allies, we will side with the former and advocate the defeat of the imperialists. We support all activities that undermine and defeat imperialist aggression.


  1. As we stated in past declarations on this issue (see the link below), the RCIT has not the slightest political sympathy for the capitalist Mullah regime in Teheran. We support the struggle of the workers and oppressed peoples in Iran to overthrow the reactionary regime. We unswervingly stand in the camp of the Syrian Revolution fighting against the tyranny of Assad as well as its Russian imperialist and Iranian backers. However, while the U.S. and UK are imperialist Great Powers, Iran is not. It is rather a capitalist intermediate power which basically remains an industrialized semi-colonial country. As we did explain in the past, while the rivalry between Washington, Moscow and Beijing plays a certain role in this conflict, the current tensions in the Strait of Hormuz are essentially about the hegemony of U.S. imperialism and its allies in the Middle East.


  1. We call socialists to join forces on the basis of a struggle on two fronts: siding with Iran against US/UK imperialism and siding with the Iranian workers and oppressed against the Mullah regime, with the Syrian people against Assad/Putin/Rouhani and with the Yemeni people against the Saudi aggressors. Hence, we call revolutionaries to join the RCIT in fighting for the following slogans:


* End the imperialist sanctions against Iran!


* US Navy and allies – out of the Persian Gulf!


* For the defeat of the US/UK in any military confrontation with Iran!


* US military out of the Middle East! Close all US military bases!


* Support the struggle of the workers and oppressed in Iran against the Mullah regime!


* Victory to the Syrian Revolution against Assad/Putin/Rouhani! Drive the Russian and Iranian forces out of Syria!


* Support the Yemeni popular resistance against the Saudi invaders and their allies!


* For workers and peasants republics! For a socialist federation of the Middle East!




International Bureau of the RCIT




* * * * *




For the RCIT’s analysis of Iran and the imperialist aggression we refer readers to our numerous articles and statements that are published on our website at:


In particular we refer to:


Strait of Hormuz: Escalating Tensions between the US/UK and Iran. Drive the Great Powers out of the Middle East! But no political support for the reactionary Mullah Regime in Teheran! 22 July 2019,


Iran: Down with Trump’s Sanctions and Military Threats! But no political support for the reactionary Mullah Regime in Teheran! 11 May 2019,


Warmongering in the Middle East: Down with all Imperialist Great Powers and Capitalist Dictatorships! 13 May 2018,


For the Iranian Revolution! Down with the capitalist Mullah dictatorship! Down with Imperialism! For a working class revolution in Iran! Action Platform for Iran by the RCIT, February 2017,






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cropped-supporters_of_britain_red_liberation.pngIndia/Kashmir: Licking the Feet of Modi


On the disgusting support of some Gulf States’ monarchs for India’s racist government


By Michael Pröbsting, International Secretary of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 30 August 2019,




We could observe an utterly repulsive phenomenon in the last weeks. The right-wing extremist Indian government succeeded in winning support of some regimes for its barbarous crackdown against the people of Kashmir. Some cases are not particularly surprising such as a few small neighboring states which want to appease Delhi.


Likewise, the dumbass in the White House announced that there was no need for him to intervene because Indian Prime Minister Modi “feels he has the situation under control“. Unsurprisingly, Modi tweeted jubilant: “Excellent meeting with @POTUS @realDonaldTrump! We had useful discussions on bilateral matters. Looking forward to expand cooperation as large democracies for the benefit of our citizens and global peace and prosperity.


What is this? Unintended self-mockery in Reality TV?! Surely, Hitler also “felt” in 1939 that he had Poland “under control”!


It is however particularly disgusting to see that some so-called “Muslim” states have also joined the pathetic caravan of Modi glorifiers. We are talking about the Gulf state monarchs of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as well as of Bahrain.


These regimes like to pretend supporting the global Muslim umma and, on some occasions, they ritualistically shed some crocodile tears for the “brothers and sisters in Kashmir”.


When Modi abolished the semi-autonomous status of Kashmir on 5 August, he faced a global outcry of protest. But not all did so. The UAE ambassador to India, Ahmad al-Banna, lent public support to Modi’s unprecedented and historic attack on the Kashmir people. He characterized the issue as an “internal matter” of India and said: “We expect that the changes would improve social justice and security and confidence of the people in the local governance and will encourage further stability and peace.” (


However, Dubai’s praise for Modi did not end with such diplomatic support. It went further and it invited Modi for a state visit where he received the UAE’s highest civilian award! Bahrain did the same and its kind awarded Modi with the “King Hamad Order of the Renaissance”. In short, the worst oppressor of Muslim people has been awarded for his crimes by the self-proclaimed defenders of the Muslim umma!


One feels immediately reminded to the scandalous proposal in 1939 to award the Nobel Peace Prize to Adolf Hitler, the bloody dictator of Nazi Germany!


In short, we have seen in the past weeks a disgusting spectacle where “Muslim” traitors are licking the feet of Modi while he is transforming Kashmir into a huge concentration camp, arresting thousands of activists and starving and isolating millions of Muslims!


The reasons for this scandalous support of Modi by these Gulf states tyrants are as simple as they are soberly calculated. India is an important trade partner – the Gulf countries’ annual trade with India is about $100bn, making Delhi an important economic partner. In addition, India is a growing market which offers profitable investment opportunities for the greedy Gulf capitalists.


For the same capitalist reason, we note as an aside, did a number of so-called “Muslim” states recently sign an outrageous letter to the United Nations in which they expressed their support for the barbarous policies of China’s regime against its Muslim Uyghur minority. (See on this our article “37 Signatures Are Worth a Thousand Words”,


The Gulf monarchs’ “faith” is only for public display which shall conceal their real nature as greedy, profit-driven tyrants. Is it surprising that they are hated by their own peoples, which is why they have been able to stay in power for decades only by the undisguised methods of a bloody dictatorship?! When the Arab Revolution began eight years ago, the popular masses in Bahrain joined the struggle for freedom. It was only due to the brutal military invasion of the Saudi army in March 2011 that the king was able to stay in power.


We conclude by repeating what we have said many times: one must not judge political forces by their self-proclaimed ideologies and religious beliefs. The Indian government pretends to represent the “largest democracy in the world” while it is raping the people of Kashmir. The U.S. always claimed to defend the principles of freedom which did not stop it from occupying and oppressing the peoples in Iraq or Afghanistan.


Stalin claimed to be a communist but oppressed the people, killed hundreds of thousands of oppositional communists, and deported ethnic minorities like the Crimean Tatars and Chechens. China is headed by a “Communist” party and, at the same time, is home to the largest number of capitalist corporations and billionaires in the world. Shamefully, this regime continues to be hailed by numerous Stalinists and Castro-Chavistas globally.


We see the same with the so-called “Muslim” states in the Gulf region like Saudi Arabia and the UAE which are hailing Israel and pressurizing the Palestinian people to capitulate to the Zionists.


One must not judge any regime or political force by their words but by their deeds, by their concrete positions in the liberation struggles of workers and oppressed people. And here, we see that these “socialist” and “Muslim” regimes are uniformly on the side of the exploiters and oppressors!


We repeat once more: All socialists, all democrats, all righteous people must support the struggle of the Kashmiri people for freedom. Kashmir is our second Palestine! Their liberation is our liberation!




* * * *




We refer reader also to other documents of the RCIT on this issue which are collected in a special sub-section on our website:


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cropped-supporters_of_britain_red_liberation.pngBritain: For Mass Protests up to an indefinite General Strike to stop Johnson’s Coup, to abolish Monarchy and to bring down the reactionary Tory Government!


For Open Borders and Free Movement for All! For the right of EU Nationals and all others to remain in Britain even in case of Brexit! Fight Immigration Controls, Racism and Fascism!


By Joseph Adams,


Boris Johnson’s new Home Secretary Priti Patel, an extreme racist, has decided that European nationals living in Britain will not have the right to remain in Britain after the Brexit deadline of 31st October.


Ending freedom of movement for EU citizens immediately after a no-deal Brexit would be reckless and could create a hostile environment for European nationals, a campaign group has said.


The 3million, a citizens group that represents the rights of EU nationals in the UK, was responding to the news that the home secretary, Priti Patel, intended to impose new border restrictions overnight on 31 October if Britain left the EU without a deal, despite reports that an internal government discussion paper had warned that doing so could present “legitimate concerns of another Windrush.”[1]


Islamophobia and racism is rife in Britain with threats against migrants from fascists irrespective of Theresa May’s promise to honor her pledge to allow EU nationals to remain after Brexit. Border security has been stepped up and Patel a fervent Brexiteer and Zionist sacked by May previously is now the Home secretary. She is willing to deport and lock away anyone she deems not fit to stay irrespective of both Johnson and May, who had said that EU Nationals had the right to stay.


The muddle arises from reports that home secretary Priti Patel has been pressing for an immediate end to free movement in the event of no deal. This appears to mark a significant shift in policy. Until now, the government has said that in a no-deal scenario, EU citizens will generally continue to be able to come to the UK to live and work until the introduction of a new system in January 2021. While their legal status will change, in practice the main difference is that they will have to apply for European temporary leave to remain for stays of more than three months. Given this status is freely open to all EU citizens, provided they pass certain criminality checks, a version of freedom of movement will in effect continue for at least another year”. [2]


The reactionary and racist policy of Patel and her civil servants to refugees and migrants is shown in her attitude to the living accommodation of refugees and asylum seekers, who live in rat infested hostels.


Hundreds of asylum seekers have been crammed into a network of “guest houses” provided by a Home Office contractor that are overrun by cockroaches, rats and mice, the Guardian has learned.


Lawyers shown footage recorded by the Guardian – which reveals that families of four are sharing small double beds and are being crammed into spaces so small that they are barely able to walk around their rooms – said that the conditions could constitute statutory overcrowding and an environment unfit for human habitation.


One lawyer branded the conditions “depraved” and accused the home secretary, Priti Patel, of being slum landlord in chief”. [3].


This climate of fear and loathing perpetrated by extreme chauvinism and Islamophobia has led to attacks on anyone defending migrants and their families. The use of anti-terror legislation was brought in by the Tony Blair government and is already on the statue book in Britain. This anti-terror legislation is being used to label anyone a terrorist especially from Muslim or Arab countries. Recent evidence and profiling shows this to be the case.


Muslims are being detained at ports and airports for up to six hours by law enforcement using controversial counter-terrorism powers so disproportionately that the practice has become Islamophobia, according to human rights group Cage.


The organization added there is growing anecdotal evidence that Muslim women are being forced to remove their headscarves when stopped, even though the rate that such stops lead to a conviction is 0.007%, according to Cage’s analysis of 420,000 incidences.


Cage said it had made a compliant to the policing regulator, the Independent Office for Police Conduct, on behalf of 10 people, and had written to MPs on the all-party group on British Muslims to spell out the extent of its concerns with so-called schedule 7 stops”. [4].


Fascist Attacks in Britain multiply threefold


The election of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister and his stoking up the fears of attacks by migrants and others has led to the perception that anyone who does not embrace extreme chauvinist and Anglo-Saxon views of a white Britain is a danger to our so called democracy. Johnson and his chief ally Donald Trump in the United States are hostile to Muslims migrants and anyone they perceive as anathema to their reactionary culture of Islamophobic racism and sympathy with fascism. This has led to attacks on Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour Party, while attending a Muslim mosque in Finsbury Park North London as well as to attacks on Steve Hedley, the Assistant General Secretary of the RMT (Rail Union) and to the recent homophobic attack on Owen Jones, a Momentum activist and supporter of Jeremy Corbyn. In all these attacks it has been noticeable that the police would rather stand by and condone the racist and even fascist attacks. This was certainly the case with the attacks on Steve Hedley who had to protect himself while there were scores of police doing absolutely nothing but watching them.


Assault on RMT members by supporters of Tommy Robinson
As you may be aware RMT members who had been involved in a peaceful counter protest to the “Free Tommy Robinson” rally in Central London at the weekend were subjected to a cowardly and unprovoked attack in broad daylight by supporters of Tommy Robinson. Whilst our members naturally protected themselves and vulnerable supporters nearby, a number of our members and officials and supporters sustained injuries, including Senior Assistant General Secretary Steve Hedley who was taken to hospital and subsequently discharged.


The union issued a statement condemning the attack and is providing support to those caught in this despicable act of pre-meditated violence. We are also raising our concerns with the police authorities and politicians.” [5].


Other instances of attacks by Fascists in support of Robinson took place in the Arndale Centre in Manchester, where muslims and socialists protested against Fascism and Islamophobia. Again the police have stood by and done nothing to prevent these attacks on Anti-Fascists and Socialists.


The RCIT has been consistent in its police of open borders and free movement for all. Even some Centrist groups like the CWI (their section in England even supported a backward and racist campaign called “British Jobs for British Workers” in the Lindsey Oil Refinery in 2009), not to speak reformists like Jeremy Corbyn advocate controlled immigration.


For Open Borders


The RCIT in BRITAIN has always fought against racism and Islamophobia amongst sections of the working class. We live in a multi-cultural society and as such should respect customs and practices of all peoples. Migrants and refugees are the most exploited section of the working class often working in low paid employment and bad housing conditions. The RCIT campaigns for Open Borders and for migrants to have the right to wear their own dress and speak their own language”. [6]


With the date of the No-Deal Brexit approaching on 31st October it is imperative that a campaign in the Labour and trade union movement is started for open borders and free movement for all.


The RCIT in BRITAIN puts forward the following transitional demands to unite the Working class around a programme of Open Borders and Free Movement for all.


  • Campaign for Open Borders and Free Movement! Demand from Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Leadership to support a campaign against both Brexit and Remain, which should be based on the decisions and mobilisations of the rank and file! Pro-Imperialist and Pro-Zionist bureaucrats must be expelled from the Labour Party by democratic vote of the rank and file! No Immigration Controls!
  • For demonstrations and mass mobilisations up and down the country towards an indefinite general strike to stop the right-wing politics of Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage and their reactionary parties and for the abloishment of the Monarchy! Build action committees in the workplaces, schools and communities to organize the struggle. For self-organized defense guards to protect migrants and refugees from fascists or police provocations!
  • For a programme of full equality for all migrants and refugees – equal access to housing, employment and full citizenship rights! For the the right of all migrants and refugees to use their mother tongue, to follow their own customs and traditions in all public institutions!
  • For the convocation of a Constituent Assembly made up of workers, peoples assemblies and local community organizations. In such a constituent assembly Revolutionaries have to argue for a truly Socialist society and explain why the Bourgeois Parliaments are no proper organs of real democracy.
  • For a Workers Government. Neither Brexit, nor Remain! No support for any Imperialist State! For Revolutionary Defeatism and the United Socialist States of Europe!














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cropped-supporters_of_britain_red_liberation.pngANSA (Nigeria): Statement on the Xenophobic Attacks in South Africa



  1. September 2019




It goes without saying that the major cause of mass effusion of Nigerians from Nigeria and the steadfastness of remaining Nigerians to follow suit is a resultant of the crushing hardship that more than half of the Nigerian population are faced with on a daily bases. Even Nigerian students are convinced that no quality source of standard education can be gotten within the boundaries of our nation. Hence the number of Nigerian migrants in other nations of the world is bound to increase. Alas, the recent news reports of Nigerians involving in cyber crime, drug trafficking, human trafficking and racketeering of all sorts shows that no where in the world can serve as ‘greener pastures’ for too long because the same problems and contradictions we experience in Nigeria are not far fetched in other countries of the world they are only abridged by the age-long agitations of the masses in those countries, a culture which is becoming more popular amongst the populace in Nigeria.


That is why for us, in ANSA, we believe that the salvation Nigerians crave and the hope for a better living can only be supplied by a thorough-going mass struggle against the anti-student and anti-people dictatorship of the Nigerian ruling elite who have been crystallized into the two arms of right-wing despotism in our country namely; APC & PDP. Nigerians must note that at present there remains nowhere to run if the present conditions that face an average Nigerian in his homeland is not ameliorated. The chaos in Nigeria can only produce stigmatized immigrants in other countries. Although we frown at all forms of discrimination but immigrants and minorities have been known to face the backlash of economic ills and ebbs in foreign countries and the only panacea to such is raising the prestige and respect from home.


It is worthy of note that the xenophobic attacks are not peculiar to South Africa alone, discrimination and hatred for minorities and immigrants only has different names under different climes. In America and other parts of Europe it is called White Supremacy the most lucid symbol of which is Donald Trump’s proposed border wall; in the Middle East it is Zionism and Jihad yet all of these are but excresence of an ailing economy both home and abroad. The world is in a situation where the wealth of billions of people are being arrogated by a handful which consists of an unholy alliance of world governments and the transnational/national business moguls. In this regard there should be no special case of hatred between Nigerians and South Africans.


For the present case of South African xenophobia, both the Buhari and Ramaphosa administration are culpable. The Buhari regime as constantly cut funding for public institutions most especially education and health care. Public education which is a vital composition of national survival has been kicked to the curb continually by the Buhari government which as drastically reduced the budgetary allocation to education for every year in office. This year a terse sum of 50.15 billion naira was allocated to education which has about 40 million students excluding staff making the annual estimate for expenditure per student 1,250 naira and the daily estimate 3 naira 50 kobo while an average senator goes home with nothing less than 14 million naira monthly irrespective of allowances while also failing to implement the 30,000 naira minimum wage. As if this was not enough, the reports of huge sums of money being swallowed by snakes and monkeys is unending. After years of Buhari’s ‘anti-corruption war’ Nigerians have had nothing to show for it besides privatization of public institutions and hikes in the prices of public services such as electricity.


On the southern end of our continent, his more ‘amiable’ counterpart Ramaphosa is doing nothing to dismantle the primitive accumulation of South African wealth and lands by the ‘powerful’ few since the apartheid. Now the costs of the decades long unbridled avarice is now being felt by ordinary South Africans. However it is this same rich few who have planted the seeds of discord by amassing resources in a barbaric fashion that have still watered it by employing or giving special grants to foreigners all for the purpose of making illicit gain. It is a known fact that immigrants are always been seen by business cabals as an easy means for cheap labour thereby side-lining there own indigenes.


Also it is the general tendency of modern governments just like that of South Africa to give large control of the nation’s economic mainstay to foreigners to weaken accountability and undermine labour relations. This is another form of divide and rule tactic launched against the oppressed.


Our enemies in all parts of Africa are the sponsors and agents of neo-liberalism who are not marked by tribe or race but who signify by their support and action for the concentration of Africa’s wealth in the hands of imperialist and governments loyal to their interests. The same is being done in Nigeria where our oil refineries are but extant and all our petroleum products are imported. The new refinery being finished in Lagos would by no means bring a sigh of relief to Nigerians but a continuum in hardships since it is under the control of the same rogue sect that has perpetuated hikes and shortages in our mineral resources.


For us in the Alliance, we are not a party to the declaration by the NANS president that all South Africans should leave Nigeria and their businesses shut-down. It is irrational, impulsive and hypocritical for if you do not address the cause of the problem which is the government of both countries how can you punish the average citizens for something they did not partake in. In fact what leverage has he to effect his threat given that NANS though a supposed student body is totally disconnected from Nigerian students moreso their plight.


We propose rather a working and robust relationship between South African students bodies and Nigerian students unions. The same relationship must be forged between civil society groups and labour unions in Nigeria and South Africa to fight the governments home and abroad. There is no better historical necessity for the formation of this bond than the present crucible of the xenophobia crises.


At every instant of international or regional crises the Nigerian and South African students, workers, and popular masses must acknowledge that the real enemy is at home or is of the same nationality and they are found only in the class of exploiters at the helms of affairs.
















Akinwilire Boluwatife,


Owoeye Olaoluwa (Olamarx),




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cropped-supporters_of_britain_red_liberation.pngFor Revolutionary Unity in a World Full of Explosive Tensions!


Call for an internationalist perspective in the struggle for a socialist future


Joint Statement by Revolutionary Organizations, August 2019




Capitalism is experiencing unprecedented crisis and decline. It is unavoidable that the tensions and clashes between classes and states are accelerating. Revolutionaries around the world must intervene in their class struggles on the basis of an internationalist and anti-imperialist program for socialist revolution and working class power. We fight for the following:


* Support the liberation struggles of the oppressed masses against all Great Powers and their proxies! Drive Russia and the U.S. out of Syria! No to U.S. sanctions and aggression against Iran! No to sanctions against North Korea! Hands off Venezuela and Central America! U.S., European, Russian and Chinese troops – out of Mali, Libya, Niger, South Sudan, Djibouti, and all other African countries! No to the ANISOM intervention in Somalia! Against the intervention of Saudi, UAE, Egyptian, French, Russian and other forces in Libya!


* Support the liberation struggles of workers and oppressed! Long live the popular struggle in Hong Kong! Victory for the popular uprising in Sudan and Algeria! For a Free Palestine from the River to the Sea! Down with the Assad dictatorship in Syria! National self-determination for the oppressed peoples of Chechnya, East Turkestan and Kashmir! Support popular mass protests against the pro-imperialist regimes of Brazil, Honduras and all Latin America!


* Struggle against all Great Powers (U.S., China, EU, Russia and Japan)! Against trade wars, the arms race, military provocations, imperialist protectionism, and globalization! Revolutionaries in the imperialist states must oppose sanctions and tariffs as well as all forms of chauvinism against Great Power rivals (e.g. Anti-China hysteria in the U.S., Anti-Russian propaganda in the EU, Anti-Western demagogy in Russia and China, etc.)! Revolutionaries in Japan and South Korea must oppose the chauvinist tensions between their countries! Revolutionaries in Greece must resolutely stand against anti-Macedonian chauvinism and the anti-Turkish hysteria of the ruling class! Revolutionaries in the countries of the South must advocate the united front tactic in the liberation struggle. They must also warn against all forms of opportunism that offers support for one or another camp of any Great Power (in the spirit of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”)!


* Down with the imperialist migration policy! Smash Trump’s Wall at the Mexican border and oppose the repression against the Central American migrants by the Mexican government! Down with the EU Frontex regime! Against the brutal anti-migrants policy in Russia! Open Borders for all migrants and refugees! Full equality for migrants (citizenship rights, equal wages, access to social and health service, right to use their native language in education, public administration, etc.)!


We call on revolutionaries to help the workers and oppressed to free themselves from the influence of social democracy, Stalinism, Bolivarism, petty-bourgeois nationalism, and Islamism. Forward in joining forces to build a Revolutionary World Party fighting for a socialist future!






Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Israel/Occupied Palestine, Yemen, Brazil, Mexico, Nigeria, Kenya, Russia, Britain, Germany and Austria),


Revolutionary Communists (South Korea),


Jammu Kashmir Revolutionary Socialists (Kashmir)


Revolutionary Socialist League (Kenya),


Partido Revolucionario de las y los Trabajadores (Costa Rica),


RCIT Supporters in Turkey,


RCIT Supporters in Zimbabwe


RCIT Supporters in Spain (Note of the signatories: “We consider it as important to fight for the right of national self-determination of all peoples which are oppressed by the Spanish state (e.g. in Catalonia, Euskadi, Galicia, Canary Islands, Andalusia, etc).” The RCIT agrees with this approach.)




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cropped-supporters_of_britain_red_liberation.pngIndian-Occupied Kashmir: The Heroes of Soura


by Michael Pröbsting, International Secretary of the RCIT, 28 August 2019,




India’s right-wing extremist government, led by the tyrant Modi, has transformed Kashmir into a huge concentration camp. It revoked Article 370 of India’s constitution on 5 August which removed some formal autonomy rights of the region. Anticipating mass resistance against this unprecedented and historic attack, the ultra-chauvinist BJP government imposed de facto a state of emergency in the whole region.


As a result, the people in Kashmir are locked up in their own homes for most of the time since 23 days! They have only limited or none access to essential things for survival like food and medicine. They are cut off from all forms of communication. Hundreds of thousands of Indian occupation soldiers and paramilitaries are patrolling the streets day and night. They constantly raid the homes of Kashmiris and have already arrested up to 6,000 people.


All this is the result of the barbarous policy of Prime Minister Modi who is fanatically determined to enforce the Hinduization of Kashmir – for which he must crush and finally subjugate or expel the Muslim-majority population. Semi-fascistic BJP bigots are already publicly fantasizing without any shame about “getting a Kashmiri girl”. India’s social media are full with songs about racist and sexist dreams of subjugating Kashmir and its women.


However, the Kashmiri people they are uncowed in their determination to resist the tyrant. They take every little opportunity to enter the streets and to demonstrate their protest against the barbarous occupation. Particularly on Fridays, when the authorities must relax the curfew a bit to allow people joining the Friday prayers, thousands of Kashmiris are marching and throwing stones against the occupation forces.


A particularly heroic example of the popular resistance is Soura. Soura is an enclave in of Srinagar, the main city of Indian-occupied Kashmir. It is home of about 15,000 people. Since the 5 August, it has become the epicenter of Kashmiri struggle against Modi.


The people of Soura have created makeshift barricades at all entrances of the neighbourhood. These barricades are constantly guarded by youth armed with sticks and stones. Until now they successfully fought off each attempt of the Indian troops to crush this focus of resistance. Effectively, Soura has become a no-go zone for the Indian occupation forces.


There can be hardly a more extreme example of a David vs Goliath situation. Indian-occupied Kashmir is a region of about 8 million people of whom about 70% are Muslims. They face the Indian state which is soon to become the most populous country in the world with more than 1.3 billion citizens. Delhi has sent up to three quarter of a million of soldiers, police and paramilitaries in order to crush the popular rebellion in Kashmir.


However, undeterred by this overwhelming enemy, the Kashmiri people have always resisted the Indian occupation. They launched an insurrection in 1988 which the Indian army tried to smash with most brutal force. They killed 100,000 people and gang-raped about 10,000 women.


The tyrant Modi has brought Israeli policy to South Asia in attempting the Hinduization of Kashmir. But he will get back a Palestinian-type of popular resistance!


The people of Soura already resemble the Palestinians of Jenin who resisted so heroically against the overwhelming Israeli occupation forces in their refugee camp in the West Bank in April 2002.


Soura symbolizes the unbroken determination of the Kashmiri people to fight against the tyranny and to achieve freedom. There can be not the slightest doubt: the people of Kashmir want to become independent of India. They never agreed to be part of this prison house of people. India’s ruling class knows this very well which is why it never allowed the people of Kashmir to freely express their choice in a referendum.


All socialists, all democrats, all righteous people must support the struggle of the Kashmiri people for freedom. We repeat: Kashmir is our second Palestine! Their liberation is our liberation!




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We refer reader also to other documents of the RCIT on this issue which are collected in a special sub-section on our website:




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