cropped-supporters_of_britain_red_liberation.pngChina: Mass Protests against Reactionary “Extradition Law” in Hong Kong


For an indefinite general strike to kill the bill and to bring down the Administration of Carrie Lam!


Statement of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 18 June 2019,




  1. Hong Kong is currently being rocked by a wave of mass protests. The people are demanding the withdrawal the so-called extradition law. This bill would allow people in Hong Kong to be extradited to China to stand trial. Given the fact that far more democratic rights exist in Hong Kong than in the rest of China – given the despotic rule of the regime in Beijing – this bill represents a serious attack against oppositional forces in Hong Kong. The brutal oppression of the Uyghur people in East Turkestan with up to one million people held in concentration camps underscores the dictatorial nature of the central Chinese government.


  1. In response, a number of civil rights organizations have conducted a sustained campaign against this bill. The recent high point of these protests has been the largest demonstrations in the history of Hong Kong. Over one million marched on 9 June and two million on 16 June. Given the fact that the city has a total population of 7.4 million, this means that many of the residents between the ages of 15 and 54 have been on the streets! The police – following the orders of the pro-Beijing Administration of Carrie Lam – brutally attacked the demonstrators with pepper spray, beanbag rounds, tear gas and rubber bullets. As a result at least 81 people were hospitalized with injuries. One demonstrator – a man who had attached a banner reading “No extradition to China, total withdrawal of the extradition bill, we are not rioters, release the students and injured, Carrie Lam step down, help Hong Kong” – fell to his death and has become a martyr of the movement.


  1. Carrie Lam is now under massive pressure and hopes to ride out the protests. She had to postpone the enactment of the bill. However, the brutal repression has radicalized the movement that is now demanding, in addition to the withdrawal of the bill, her resignation. At the same time, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman stressed that, “the Chinese government, the central government, has always fully affirmed the work of chief executive Carrie Lam and the Hong Kong government.”


  1. The Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) unconditionally supports the mass protests in Hong Kong. The struggle against both the extradition law and the Carrie Lam government is an essential democratic struggle. We welcome the fact that an international solidarity movement has emerged that held rallies in at least 39 cities around the globe. If the demonstrators enforce their demands, this would represent a serious blow against the Stalinist-capitalist dictatorship in Beijing.


  1. We are fully aware of the political and ideological limitations of the protests. Many of the organizers adhere to bourgeois liberal ideas and have illusions in Western “democracy”. There is also a tendency by parts of the movement to call for the “independence” of Hong Kong. The city had previously been subjugated by the British Empire as recently as 1997. This was a legacy of the barbarous imperialist aggression against China in the 19th and 20th centuries.


  1. The RCIT warns against any illusion in U.S. or European imperialism. These governments do not care at all about democracy – just look at the bloody dictatorships in Egypt and Saudi Arabia which are their close allies. Washington and London will only seek to exploit the unrest in Hong Kong in order to advance their position in the accelerating rivalry with China for global hegemony.


  1. The RCIT calls for an indefinite general strike to kill the extradition law and to bring down the Lam Administration. It is crucial for the workers and youth in Hong Kong to hold democratic mass assemblies to discuss the demands and tactics of their movement. Such assemblies should elect delegates in order to build a movement led by a democratically-controlled coordinating body.


  1. In our opinion, it is urgent that the democratic movement in Hong Kong does not permit itself to be isolated from the oppressed masses in the rest of China. Quite the opposite, it should express its support for the rights of workers suffering super-exploitation, the peasants who are harassed by the bureaucrats, as well as the oppressed Muslim Uyghur people.


  1. The RCIT views the democratic struggle in Hong Kong as part of the international struggle for liberation. We call on activists to organize on the basis of an international and socialist perspective. Achieving this goal will require the construction of a revolutionary party in China and globally!


* Kill the extradition bill! Defeat the Administration of Carrie Lam!


* Down with the Pseudo-“Communist“ Capitalist Dictatorship in Beijing!


* For a Workers and Poor Peasant Republic in China! For a Socialist Federation in East Asia as a first step to a socialist world!




International Bureau of the RCIT




* * * * *




The RCIT has published a number of booklets, statements, and articles on China that can be accessed on our website at as well as at


In particular we refer to:


RCIT: China: Down with the Pseudo-“Communist“ Capitalist Dictatorship! No to any imperialist Great Power – U.S., China, Japan, Russia or the European Union! For a Workers and Poor Peasants Republic!


Michael Pröbsting: China: Defend the Muslim Uyghurs against Oppression! 18.10.2018,


RCIT: Hong Kong/China: Long Live the Anti-Government Protests! For a General Strike against Police Repression and for Democratic Rights! Down with the Reactionary CCP Dictatorship! 2.10.2014,


Michael Pröbsting: Anti-Imperialism in the Age of Great Power Rivalry. The Factors behind the Accelerating Rivalry between the U.S., China, Russia, EU and Japan. A Critique of the Left’s Analysis and an Outline of the Marxist Perspective, RCIT Books, January 2019,


Michael Pröbsting: China‘s transformation into an imperialist power. A study of the economic, political and military aspects of China as a Great Power, in: Revolutionary Communism No. 4,






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cropped-supporters_of_britain_red_liberation.pngBritain after the European Elections and Theresa May’s Resignation


Article by Joseph Adams, RCIT Britain, 02.06.2019,




Theresa May resigned as Prime Minister on the 24th May when she realised that her withdrawal motion for Brexit was again to be defeated. Her support in the Tory Party was nil and she faced open revolt from the Brexiteers in her own party. It was a crisis that could only be resolved with her leaving Downing Street. She has agreed to stay on as Prime Minister until June 7th when the election of her successor starts in earnest.


The leadership contest is likely to tear the Tory party apart. It faces election where pollsters have forecast the worst result for the Tories since 1838. May will hand the broken chalice onto other prospective leaders with left and right vying for the leadership contest. The result should be known by July.


Theresa May has bowed to intense pressure from her own party and named 7 June as the day she will step aside as Conservative leader, drawing her turbulent three-year premiership to a close. May’s announcement came after a meeting with Graham Brady, the chair of the backbench Tory 1922 Committee, which was prepared to trigger a second vote of no confidence in her leadership if she refused to resign. Her fate was sealed after a 10-point “new Brexit deal” announced in a speech on Tuesday, infuriated Tory backbenchers and many of her own cabinet – while falling flat with the Labour MPs it was meant to persuade. The leader of the House of Commons, Andrea Leadsom, resigned on Wednesday rather than present the Brexit bill to parliament.” [1]


May will go down in history as one of the most incompetent leaders in recent times. The hallmark of her tenure of office has been austerity, extreme chauvinism racism and Islamophobia with pure hatred from her government against Muslims, the oppressed and migrants in Britain. As Home secretary and later as Prime Minister she has been responsible for the erosion of democratic rights and liberties leading to secret trials deportations and incarcerations in detention centers like Belmarsh and Yarlswood in Bedfordshire. These are no more than quasi concentration camps.


Many bourgeois commentators have commented on her weaknesses and incompetence while in office: “Theresa May will ultimately be remembered as the prime minister who was defeated by Brexit. Her task was to reconcile a nation split by the surprise referendum result. But if it was possible to achieve a graceful exit from the European Union, or indeed any exit, May utterly failed to negotiate it. In reality, May delivered only limited social reforms. Ultimately, Brexit dominated her premiership and, in the end, little else could be achieved. It was clear there was no majority in parliament for her deal in December, so May pulled the vote, after admitting that she would have been defeated “by a significant margin”. It was the first in a succession of humiliations. By now enough letters – 48 – had been handed to Sir Graham Brady, the chairman of the Conservative party’s backbench 1922 Committee, to force an ill-timed vote of confidence in her leadership”. [2]




Euro Election Result in Britain




The European election result in Britain and the reflection in all of the 27 European states have seen electoral success of right wing, racist populist parties in most European countries. The two main political blocs in the European parliament, the Conservative EEP and the social democratic alliance S&D still remain the two largest groups but without a majority. It will be a fractured parliament.


In Britain Nigel Farage’s Brexit party won 35% of the vote totally eclipsing his former party UKIP who are now a spent force. The Liberal democrats came second with 20%, Labour came in with 14% and the Greens on 12%. The Tories were destroyed and just have 4 MEP’s in the new European parliament. The large rejection of support for the two main parties, especially the Tory party, demonstrates that they are so out of touch with the working class and the exploited masses. The bourgeoisie is split itself between Brexit/remain political positions. The Blairite traitors of Umuna and Hodge had no effect on the election and like the SDP before them they are likely to join the Liberal Democrats.


The Brexit Party was the clear winner in the UK’s European elections, while the pro-EU Lib Dems came second. The Conservatives and Labour suffered heavy losses, with the former getting less than 10% of the vote. Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage said he was ready to “take on” the main parties in a general election. Mr Farage’s party won 29 seats, the Lib Dems 16, Labour 10, the Greens seven, the Tories four, the SNP three, and Plaid Cymru and the DUP one each.” [3]




The Blairites Role in the Labour Party




A section of the Blairites in the Labour Party led by the deputy leader Tom Watson have decided to remain in the party and complete their pro-capitalist moves to support European capital. They remain determined to destroy the left reformist leadership of Jeremy Corbyn who threatens the goal of a key sector of British imperialism which is to remain with the European bloc. The Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership has tried to steer a path between Brexit and a Customs Union with some ties with Europe. But the fifth columnists of Watson and Co has been to constantly disrupt the leadership of Corbyn and prevent a general election with Corbyn winning. The Blairites will do anything to prevent a Labour Government under Corbyn and would prefer the Tories to remain in office.


The result of the EU elections is that the Tory party is now a rump with the majority of Tory supporters voting for Farage’s Brexit party with its racist and chauvinist diatribe against migrants and Muslims. The support for the Brexit party and for the remain Parties proves that this Tory government has lost the mandate to rule and should call a General Election now. The Brexit party won in England with the exception of London with its multi-ethnical composition voted for the remain position. It is clear that Labour party supporters split between Remain/Brexit votes.


In Scotland the Labour party failed to return an MEP and did badly. The SNP, advocating a remain position as First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has always supported European capitalism, became the largest party. The Brexit party came second. The same results were repeated in Wales and Northern Ireland.




No Support to either EU Imperialism or Nation State Imperialism




The RCIT has already shown that the European elections took place under enormous crisis. The 2019 European elections were in many ways a repeat of the 2016 referendum detailing the extreme divisions between the two camps of imperialism Remain/Brexit. As we stated in our article on the European elections:


“A focus of this strategic antagonism with European imperialism is the agony of Britain’s Brexit. This tragical-comical process demonstrating the utter impotence of the country’s bourgeois leadership reflects the dead end the ruling class finds itself in. The workers and oppressed of Europe must defend their political independence. They must not be used as servants for the interests of either the pro-EU or pro-nation state capitalists. Neither the imperialist European Union nor an “independent” imperialist nation state serves the interests of the working class. The only way forward for workers and the oppressed is to fight against the capitalist governments (both within and outside of the EU) and to unite in struggle across national borders”. [4]


The attack of the Blairites and pro-Zionist forces in the Labour party continues with vengeance. Their aim is to destroy and remove the left reformist Jeremy Corbyn as leader in a planned coup and replace him with a more pliable leader more suited to the dictates of European capitalism. This latest report of the misnamed Equality Commission (a quasi-state organization) has declared that the Labour party is awash with anti-Semitism. This is yet another declared witch-hunt against Corbyn and his supporters providing no real evidence.


In Britain the Labour Party experienced the aggressive campaign of the Blair-ite and pro-Zionist wing that resulted in the expulsion of pro-Palestine activists under the false pretext of “Anti-Semitism”. This shameful assault, however, faced no real resistance by the Corbyn leadership”. [5]


The RCIT in Britain puts forward the following transitional demands to unite the working class and the exploited masses in a struggle to overthrow imperialism and establish socialism.


* Critical support for the Corbyn wing of the Labour Party. Expel and purge the Blairite and Zionists in the Labour Party. The expulsion of the Arch Blairite Alistair Campbell is a first step in this process. Now other Blairites like Watson and Kinnock must also face the same fate.


* Defend Corbyn against the Blairite and Pro-Zionist coup being organized using the tool of anti-Semitism as a weapon to expel and purge the Labour party of socialists and pro-Palestinian supporters. Its aim to destroy and remove Corbyn as leader.


* Oppose austerity – for demonstrations, strikes leading to a general strike. Action committees must be formed in every region in the country. Defend these action committees with armed defense guards against fascist and police provocateurs.


* Open all Borders – free movement for migrants, refugees and Muslims irrespective of culture, religion or nationality! No to Islamophobia, chauvinism and racism. Migrants and Muslims must be allowed to practice their religion, speak their own language and wear their own dress.


* Full equality for migrants and refugees – equal wages, decent housing and full citizenship. Scrap visas and allow migrants and refugees indefinite stay in the country of their choice.


* Neither Brexit nor Remain! No support for any imperialist state – no to the EU or nation state. For a United Socialist States of Europe! Build the Revolutionary World Party! Join the RCIT in Britain!














5) ibid


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cropped-supporters_of_britain_red_liberation.pngSudan: Fight Back against the Generals with a General Strike!


International solidarity with the Sudanese people!


Emergency Statement of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 04 June 2019,




  1. The bloody crackdown of the Sudanese army against the peaceful protesters on 3 June has resulted in at least 35 people killed and hundreds injured. The so-called Transitional Military Council (TMC) has cancelled a power-transfer agreement with protesters. While it promised elections within nine months it is clear that such elections would not take place under free and democratic conditions. No one should suffer any illusions concerning the present situation. This is an attempt of the army command to follow the road of General Sisi in Egypt! If the TMC succeeds in its plan, it would represent a devastating defeat for the Sudanese people!


  1. This is a powerful lesson that any negotiations with the army command are a dangerous diversion. Authentic freedom and democracy cannot be achieved through a collaborative effort with the army command – but only by defeating and removing it!


  1. The Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) states its full solidarity with the Sudanese workers and poor fighting against the dictatorship! We support the call for a general strike as it has been recently made by the Forces for Freedom and Change (irrespective of our political reservations towards this alliance).


  1. Such a general strike should last until the counter-revolutionary attack of the TMC has been defeated. At the same time it is crucial that the popular masses build self-defense committees in order to resist the attacks! Furthermore, the people must try to win over the ordinary soldiers so that they do not follow the orders of their generals but, rather, join the protests.


  1. The strategic goal must be to overthrow the TMC via a popular insurrection! For a Revolutionary Constituent Assembly! For a workers and poor peasants government! For a revolutionary party as part of a revolutionary world party! Join the RCIT in fighting for such a perspective!




International Bureau of the RCIT




* * * * *




The RCIT has published several documents on the Sudanese Revolution:


Yossi Schwartz: Sudan: Down with the Military Dictatorship! 03.06.2019,


RCIT: Algeria and Sudan: Two Important Victories and a Warning. No trust in the army command and the old elite! Continue the Revolution! 11 April 2019,


RCIT: Sudan: Bring Down the Regime of Omar al-Bashir! Organize Committees of Action! For a General Strike and Popular Insurrection to bring down the Regime! For a Workers and Poor Peasants Government! 28 December 2018,




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cropped-supporters_of_britain_red_liberation.pngSudan: Down with the Military Dictatorship!


By Yossi Schwartz, Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 03.06.2019,




On Saturday the Sudanese military killed one protester and injured at least 10 others in Khartoum. The protesters held a sit in demonstration outside the army head quarter. The army was shooting at thousands of demonstrators who have attempted to stop security forces from closing down the main street outside the military headquarters in Khartoum.


The military toppled Bashir on April 11 after months-long protests led by the Alliance for Freedom and Change against his dictatorial rule of three decades.


Those who already declared that the Arab Spring is dead and the different centrists who have turned their back on the Arab revolution have shown how little they understand of the period we live in. this is a period where the masses had enough of decaying capitalism and the capitalist ruling classes are in crisis in many countries. The masses are ready time and again to fight for a revolution, but they lack a revolutionary working class leadership.


The events in Sudan are going to influence the situation in Egypt. There is a strong historical link between Sudan and Egypt. The name Sudan is a short name for the Arabic full name: bilad as-sudan – ”land of the blacks”.


After the kingdoms of Egypt were united around 3100 BC, the pharaohs extend their rule as far as Aswan. By about 1500 BC the pharaohs extends their rule as far as modern Merowe. The country the pharaohs knew as Cush. Later on the land was known as Nubia.


In 1821, the region was occupied by the Ottoman viceroy of Egypt, Mohammed Ali, and Sudan became an Egyptian province. The Sudanese led by Mohammed Ahmed the Mahdi were able to defeat the British imperialists in 1885.


Between 1899 and 1956 Sudan was an Anglo-Egyptian Condominium. After WWI the Egyptian ruling class serving the British imperialists demanded the incorporation of Sudan within Egypt – but they were opposed by British masters. After Nasser and the other officers took power in Egypt in 1952, Sudan won its independence.


A coup in 1969 brought to power a colonel in the army, Gaafar Mohamed el-Nimeri, who establishes a one-party rule by the Sudanese Socialist Party, a kind of a Stalinist party. In 1983, worried of the pressures of the masses, Nimeri amends Sudanese law and imposed an Islamic legal code, the sharia. Two years later he was toppled by his chief of staff.


In 1989, the general in command of another coup was Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir who has ruled Sudan until last month. At first through what it was known as a Revolutionary Command Council for National Salvation, a body closely linked to the NIF (National Islamic Front), the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood. In the 1996 elections, Bashir was confirmed as the president. The NIF, the only permitted party, own all 400 seats in the national assembly.


Last week the ruling military council that defend the capitalist system announced that it would disperse the sit-in outside the army headquarters.


Al Jazeera reporter Mohamed el-Shahed writes that “on Friday, spokesperson for the Transitional Military Council (TMC) said in a televised speech that legal action would be taken against what it called “unruly elements” at the encampment outside the defense ministry.”


In the last few days a number of protesters, including a pregnant woman, were shot dead.


After the protest movement removed from power the dictator Omar al-Bashir the militants demand that the army generals who took power hand the political power to a civilian government. The question is, of course what kind of a civilian government? A government that will serve the workers, the poor peasants and other oppressed layers of society or the capitalist class and their imperialist masters?


Last week a two days general strike took place in Khartoum. The National Umma Party the main party of the protest movement, the Alliance for Freedom and Change rejected the call for a general strike announced by some opposition groups. The Umma is led by former prime minister Sadiq al-Mahdi, whose elected government was toppled in the 1989 coup. He is also an Imam of the Ansar, a sufi order that pledges allegiance to Muhammad Ahmad, the Mahdi. Sadiq Al-Mahdi said any such decision for a general strike should be taken by a council of leaders of the protest movement. Such a council was still not in place and “will be composed in a meeting on Monday”, he said. But the generals who seized power have resisted calls from protesters and to handle the political power to a civilian rule. Thousands of demonstrators remain camped outside the army headquarters in central Khartoum demanding that the generals step down.” (1)


The Freedom and Change alliance, the group that is leading the protest movement, has been negotiating with the generals regarding a political transition, but talks have stalled. Al Jazeera Media Network said Sudanese authorities had shut down its Khartoum bureau. The decision also included the withdrawal of the work permits for the correspondents and staff of Al Jazeera network with immediate effect.” (2)


Clearly our Sudanese sisters and brothers have learned from their experience with different military coups not to trust the army. It is an important lesson but the question is how to develop the struggle in order to remove the generals without losing to civilians who will continue to exploit and abuse the masses.


The Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) has repeatedly warned against the danger of a crackdown of the army. We said “No trust in the army command and the old elite! Continue the Revolution!” (3)


The army will continue to kill and injure unless the generals will be stopped. To stop them, it is necessary to form armed civilian militias and at the same time to develop close relations with the soldiers, the sons of the workers and the poor peasants, to bring them on the side of the masses.


There is an urgent need to focus on the demand for a Revolutionary Constitutional Assembly controlled by the workers, the poor peasants and other oppressed layers of society. In addition it is necessary to fight for a workers and poor peasant government committed to the expropriation under workers control the oil industry, mines and gum.


For this to happen it is necessary to build a revolutionary working class party.










3) RCIT: Algeria and Sudan: Two Important Victories and a Warning. No trust in the army command and the old elite! Continue the Revolution! 11 April 2019,; see also RCIT: Sudan: Bring Down the Regime of Omar al-Bashir! Organize Committees of Action! For a General Strike and Popular Insurrection to bring down the Regime! For a Workers and Poor Peasants Government! 28 December 2018,




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cropped-supporters_of_britain_red_liberation.pngBrazil: Bolsonaro’s Auto-Putsch Failed!


Workers on the move to the general strike on June 14!


Statement of the Corrente Comunista Revolucionária-CCR (Brazilian section of the RCIT), 31 May 2019,




The demonstrations of radical right-wing forces on 26 May have been a failure. These demonstrations had been organized by social networks close to President Bolsonaro and his sons. They called for a regime change with fascist characteristic, for closing of the Congress, closing of the National Supreme Court and for centralizing powers in Bolsonaro’s hands. It was an ill-fated attempt of ultra-reactionary and fascist forces to impose their plans to build a Bonapartist system.


The bourgeois sectors that struck the coup in 2016 are in the midst of a power struggle but their ultimate aims were the push through radical neoliberal reforms. However, in this process fascist forces could massively grow which became very visible during the demonstrations on 26 May. Characteristically, the demonstrators were mostly white middle class, conservative, racist and slave-minded.


The mobilizations in favor of the president were much smaller than the march of 1.5 million on May 15. This was a protest against the cuts in education, but also against the reform of Social Security (a fact hidden by the media) that were led by educators and students. The fact that the monopolized press has hidden that the demonstrations of May 15 were also against the reform of Social Security meant that even some sites of leftist organizations in Latin America (included Trotskyist organizations) also could not elaborate a more accurate analysis of the events.


This risky attitude of Bolsonaro occurred shortly after the Public Prosecutor’s Office have requested the bank and fiscal secrecy breach of his son Flávio Bolsonaro and of another 94 people and some companies, on April 15, when they affirmed to have gathered information of that he would have invested 2 million dollars in the purchase of 19 properties. “The sales declared between 2010 and 2017 would represent a profit of 750 thousand dollars,” said the Prosecutors. It then listed a total of 37 properties in a request for information to Rio de Janeiros’ registry offices. Such movements are considered as a form of money laundering by the prosecutors. Flávio is also being investigated for alleged links with the militias that killed councilwoman Marielle from the party PSOL. The breach of bank secrecy may directly hit the wife of President, Michelle Bolsonaro, because of a poorly explained deposit of about 10,000 dollars made by a former employee of Flavio, Fabrício Queiroz.


The day after his son’s bank secrecy was broken, during an official trip to Dallas in the United States, Bolsonaro angrily declared, “Do you want to hit me? Come to me. You want to break my secrecy, I know you have to have a fact, but I’ll open my bank breach. You will not get me !!“. Soon after, Bolsonaro made the “convocation” of the population in support of his government for May 26.


The monopolized bourgeois press (Folha de São Paulo newspaper, Organizações Globo, Rede Bandeirantes television, etc.) controlled by the financial system criminally has hidden the fascist characteristic of these demonstrations preferring to show the few photos in which some supporters of Bolsonaro defended the reform of Social Security and others in favor of the liberation of weapons to the richer population (the cost of registering and buying weapons amounts to almost a thousand dollars). Much more important for sectors of bourgeois press is to defend neoliberal reforms, even if an openly fascist regime is needed.


However not all the bourgeoisie agrees to Bolsonaro’s plans. The powerful Federation of Industry of the State of São Paulo-FIESP refused to give its support, as well as the traditional right-wing parties PSDB, DEM, PP, etc., as well as the powerful agribusiness sector that has a strong lobby in the national congress and bugged off, including the far-right organization Movimento Brasil Livre-MBL. One of the leaders of MBL, Kim Kataguiri, said: “We did not join because we do not agree with protesters, government supporters who desire that the president can freely do what he wants. The president needs to be complimented when he is right and criticized when he makes mistakes, like any healthy democracy. And, secondly, because we do not agree with guidelines such as the closing of the Federal Supreme Court and the National Congress.


The day after the relative failure of the Bolsonarists demonstrations, the president makes a strategic withdrawal and met with the presidents of the federal and Senate Chambers along with the president of the Supreme Court to establish a pact of governability in the name of economic reforms. One question remains in the air, what is the Supreme Court president doing in a meeting between the executive and the legislature to establish economic measures that explicitly go against the constitution? Brazil has reached the point when the traditional disguise that there is independence between the executive, the legislature and the judiciary is being openly abandoned.




What is Bolsonaro’s true power project?




There is only one project that unifies all those sectors of the bourgeoisie that are in an open struggle for power: the neoliberal reforms. The bourgeoisie, in choosing Jair Bolsonaro in the 2018 elections, hoped that Jair Bolsonaro would be the right man for this project. They were already aware of his lack of preparation, his political incapacity and his truculence, but everyone hoped to be able to control himself when he took power, including the generals who prevented Lula da Silva from the Workers Party from being a candidate. What they did not expect is that Bolsonaro and his family clan, guided by their guru, the US-based astrologer Olavo de Carvalho, had their own power project that they do not want to be submissive to either the congress or the Federal Supreme Court and even refuse to be submissive to generals, for example Vice President Hamilton Mourão. Bolsonaro and his clan desire a Bonapartist regime with strong fascist tonalities to make not only ultraliberal reforms but to crush all resistance from the mass movement, all workers’ and peasants organizations.


Bolsonaro’s Bonapartist project has the support of a small sector of businessmen, also the low-ranking officers of the Armed Forces, the military police in the federal states, the raging, fascist Bolsonarists middle class whose numbers in demonstration on May 26 were far below the demonstration of educators and students in the latter May 15. The Workers’ Party, the main opposition party, remains at the same level of 30% electoral support. Such indices clearly demonstrate that the traditional rightist party which organized the institutional coup against President Roussef in practice has paved the way for the radicalized extreme neo-fascist movement leaded by the president Jair Bolsonaro.




Brazil on the verge of a recession




In a long article published on May 27 on the Spanish website El País the prestigious Keynesian economist Jose Luis Oreiro points out that the chance of Brazil entering into a technical recession in 2019 is at 70%. The economist argues that the moment is not cutting off but increasing public investment, and calls Paulo Guedes à “poker player” by linking the solution to the economic disaster scenario to the approval of the Pension Reform. Oreiro also says that the current austerity policy of the economy minister’s team is misguided and will not help put the country back on the path of growth. On the contrary, Oreiro evaluates that the Brazilian economy is already showing signs of contraction and Brazil is in danger of plunging back into recession. The economist’s opinion contradicts liberal economists, since, in his evaluation, the moment is not of cuts, but of increase of the public investment. (1)


According to José Luis Oreiro, the unemployment rate in Brazil was 12.4% in the quarter, reaching 13.1 million people, according to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE). According to data released by the Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV) “The result shows the return of the economy to the negative terrain after eight quarters of growth. This scenario is disheartening when it turns out that the previous eight quarters were not enough to stimulate a significant resumption of the economy after the recession of 2014-2016. These figures reflect the political and economic uncertainty that has a direct effect on investments and impact the evolution of economic activity, especially the industrial sector, which has jeopardized the resumption of employment affecting the consumption of families.




General strike June 14, How are mass movements organizing?




It is within this chaotic context of economic, political and social crisis implanted since the institutional coup d´etat in 2016, after the electoral fraud built with the arrest and impediment of Lula da Silva-PT, after the series of attacks on social and labor rights, the successive privatizations of national wealth, that all the trade union centrals and the main parties on the left were forced to mobilize the masses. What is at stake is the struggle against ultra-neo-liberal barbarism, the struggle for democratic rights coupled with the struggle for socialism for the liberation of the working class of the city and the peasants. (2)


The website of the Unified Workers’ Central-CUT announces that “The general strike of 14 June against pension reform and more jobs, which is being organized by the CUT and other union centers – CTB, Força Sindical, CGTB, CSB, Nova Central, CSP-Conlutas and Intersindical – won the adhesion of students and teachers after the Jair Bolsonaro (PSL) government announced cuts that made public education impossible, from elementary to post-graduate education in the country.” Also joining the mobilization of the general strike are the MST, the MTST, the PCO, the PSOL, PCdoB, etc.


The Brazilian section of the RCIT will be present in the demonstrations.










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cropped-supporters_of_britain_red_liberation.pngBrazil: 1.5 Million Demonstrators in the Streets Resisting Bolsonaro’s Attacks


Report (with Pictures) of the Corrente Comunista Revolucionária-CCR (Brazilian section of the RCIT), May 20, 2019,




On April 30 of this year, the Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro through the Ministry of Education announced a cut of 30% of the federal public universities budget. The government declared that money removed from federal universities would be invested in basic education. To justify the cut Bolsonaro stated that “education in Brazil is like a house with an excellent roof and rotten walls“.


Obviously, with the exception of Bolsonaro’s fanatic followers, no one believed that there would be any advantage in withdrawing money from public universities, much less believe that these funds would be sent to basic education. In fact, it is a profound attack on education as a whole. The resistance movement did not take much time to organize. The convocation of the student movements of May 15 for a general education strike against the 30% cut was added to the general strike of educators against the pension reform previously called by the National Confederation of Workers in Education (CNTE).


How was the movement of the students and educators of May 15


May 15, which due to his success received the nickname of 15M, was marked by great mass demonstrations throughout the country. Media have reported that protests on this day of strike have occurred in at least 220 cities in 26 states and in the Federal Capital (Brasilia). These demonstrations brought together not only students, but teachers, other education professionals, parents of students, and several other working class sectors. More than 1.5 million people took to the streets that day!


The mobilization was joined not only by people from the public sector, but also by a significant sector of students and teachers of private schools. No doubt, an important sector of the middle class not only supported but joined the movement. This mobilization also gained enormous sympathy from the working class and the population. The movement also had representatives of other sectors of workers, who partially stopped the work in support for the struggle and participated in acts such as metallurgics, oil tankers and subway workers in São Paulo.


When in the USA Bolsonaro was asked about the strike his response was to call the demonstrators of “imbeciles” and “useful idiots.” But that only served to make many more thousands of people attended the act.


Continue the resistance and build the General Strike


This May 15 showed that the mass movement can and should defeat the government’s attacks. This great mobilization of 1.5 million demonstrators should serve as a preparation of the general strike already previously called for next June 14. However, what should be a fight against social security reform must be added to the defense of education and the cancellation of all ultraliberal economic measures of former president Temer and current Bolsonaro governments. 15M proved that our fight is possible.



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cropped-supporters_of_britain_red_liberation.pngUK: Critical Support for Labour at the EU Elections


Article by Joseph Adams, RCIT Britain, 20.05.2019,




The European elections take place with growing rivalry and growing contradictions within the European bloc over Britain’s decision in the 2016 referendum to vote for Brexit. The issue of Brexit has dominated British politics for the last 4 years. The Theresa May government is facing a major political crisis and meltdown. The Tory party was heavily defeated in the Local elections in May and lost control of over 40 councils.


Both the Tory party and the Labour party are split between Brexit and Remain over Europe. The new Independent/Change group composed of Ex-Labour MP’s are standing against the Labour party. They are expected to do badly. Both the Blairites inside and outside the Labour party are desperate to prevent a Corbyn-led labour government as it opposes military intervention of Western powers and advocates various social reforms (e.g. abolishing the hated universal credit, for partial nationalisation).


May has lost the vote in the House of Commons several times and has now turned to the Labour party to prop up this rotten discredited government. The defeat of May’s withdrawal motion has led to the decision by the Europeans to grant and extend article 50 to either June or August in order that a resolution can be found to the crisis. This means that Britain will participate in the European elections which will take place on May 23rd.




The Brexit Party and Its Influence on the Election




The founding of the Brexit Party by Nigel Farage, a former leader of the right wing populist party UKIP, could wipe out large support for the Tories as well as reducing support for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party. Labour is split between the right wing Blairites and Corbyn and Mcdonald who favour a Brexit with a customs Union. The majority of the Blairites are calling for a 2nd referendum to remain in the European Union. Like the Tory party there are a few Labour MP’s who support a full Brexit position. A recent poll by You Gov has predicted large support for Farage’s Brexit party with 34% of the vote while the Labour party can only muster 21%. This shows that the Tory party and the remain position of the Green Party, Liberal democrats and the Independent change party of Chuka Umuna and others will fall way behind the Brexit posit position.


“Brexit looks set to do the same on the European elections: the latest polling for the Observer puts Nigel Farage’s Brexit party on 34% – more than Labour (21%) and the Tories (a catastrophic 11%) combined. The news sparked near-panic in Britain’s two biggest parties, while the former Ukip leader insisted a win for his month-old party on 23 May would force MPs to reconsider the idea of leaving the EU without a deal, which they have already rejected.” [1]


At the recent NEC of the Labour party the Blairite position of a second referendum, advocated by Tom Watson, the leader of the Blairite cabal amongst MP’s, was defeated. Instead Jeremy Corbyn’s position of a Brexit together with a Customs Union and a push for a General election was agreed. This does not stop Blairites like Starmer pushing for a second referendum in contravention of Labour party policy.


“Jeremy Corbyn has faced down a challenge spearheaded by his deputy, Tom Watson, for Labour to signal its unequivocal backing for a second Brexit referendum in the forthcoming European election campaign. In a move that sparked an immediate backlash among remain-supporters, Labour’s ruling national executive committee (NEC), announced that its manifesto for the election would be “fully in line” with its longstanding policy.” [2]




Critical Support for the Labour Party in England, Wales and Scotland




For the working masses, many of them still have illusions in the Labour party as a party of Socialism, it is important for revolutionaries to work in that milieu and try to attract left wing Corbyn supporters. Jeremy Corbyn, who first ignited politics with his brand of anti-austerity and opposition to imperialist wars and partial nationalization, attracted support amongst a sizeable layer of youth and workers. It is now the biggest social democratic party in Europe.


The RCIT adopting a Marxist approach has always sought to unite the working class under a revolutionary banner and that means a united front against all forms of imperialism and for revolutionary defeatism. In the 2016 referendum we advocated an abstention position. There should be no support for either Brussels or London but a revolutionary programme to overthrow capitalism and imperialism.


“However, opposite trends cannot be excluded – at least temporarily. Under certain circumstances such parties can even experience an initial rejuvenation (see, for example, the British Labour Party under Corbyn). Nevertheless, the “neoliberalization“of social democracy incites the breaking away from it of significant sectors of the workers’ vanguard and the proletarian masses. However, at the same time, the consciousness of these proletarian sectors is not sufficiently advanced to join a revolutionary organization. In such cases, revolutionaries must apply the New Workers’ Party tactic, directing a call to found a new workers’ party to those sectors of the vanguard and the working class who are ready to break with traditional reformist parties, but still do not have a revolutionary class consciousness. The principles of this tactic are the same as with the Labor Party tactic”


“As we have outlined in our United Front Theses, the RCIT has always supported the tactic of critical electoral support for reformist parties as developed by Lenin and Trotsky. We have repeatedly explained that, where communist forces are very small, they should advocate the tactic of critical support for parties of the working class and the oppressed in their relations with the non-communist masses.


Our method of critical support implies raising a program of immediate and certain transitional demands which address the most burning needs of the masses. The purpose is to mobilize workers in the struggle and force a reformist party to take this or that act in the interests of workers. Such demands must always be combined with slogans for organizing the workers and oppressed, and which focus on establishing action committees composed of ordinary workers in workplaces and neighborhoods, and which are not controlled by the bureaucracy. This is crucial because, first, mass mobilizations are the only way to force the reformist bureaucracy to implement even limited progressive actions. And second, such organizing slogans can lay the groundwork for the workers to struggle for these demands independently if their bureaucratic leaderships refuse to carry them out.” [3]


The crisis of leadership in the working class remains the most important challenge of this period. Workers and youth in all the EU countries face an enormous onslaught from capitalism to destroy their standard of living and reduce them to paupers. As we have argued in this period building revolutionary parties is fraught with danger and difficulty but it is absolutely essential if we are to save the planet from destruction by the ruling classes all over the world. Many workers will be attracted to reformist or populist parties and support them.


“Quite the opposite, revolutionaries must advocate a socialist program and patiently explain their criticism of those left-reformist and left-populist parties to which these progressive workers and youth presently address their desire for change. Socialists must combine this with calling for a critical vote for such parties in the EU elections. Such a tactic applies for example to the Mélenchon’s LFI, Podemos, the Linkspartei, Labour in Britain, the Bloco de Esquerda or the Enhedslisten.” [4]


The RCIT in Britain puts forward the following demands during the European election campaign in Britain.


* No to austerity! For a general strike! For a proper rank and file movement in the unions! Expel the rotten bureaucracy from the unions!


* Against Islamophobia – defend Muslims! For armed self-defence committees to defend them against fascists and police provocation!


* Open the Borders for migrants and refugees! For the right of Migrants to wear their own dress and speak their own language!


* Neither Remain or Brexit! Defeat both camps of imperialism! For the Socialist United States of Europe!
















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