cropped-supporters_of_britain_red_liberation.pngThe Zionist Murderers and the Palestinian Struggle for Freedom


Statement by the Internationalist Socialist League (Israel / Occupied Palestine), 07.04.2018,




The Friday Demonstrations




For the second consecutive Friday, tens of thousands of Palestinians demonstrated in Gaza, demanding the right of return of the Palestinians refugees to their lands. And once again, the Israeli army met this demand with shooting, killing and maiming.


On March 30, the Zionist army killed 16 Palestinians and injured 14,000. This Friday, they killed 8 and injured 1000 Palestinians. Was it not for the heavy black smoke caused by burning tires, the number of dead and maimed would have been higher. The Palestinian brave, unarmed, young men and women faced tanks, sharpshooters and regular army.


These soldiers were ordered to shoot anyone who approached the Israel’s declared 500-meter buffer zone inside the fence – that has made Gaza the largest Ghetto in the history. Palestinian officials identified some of the people who were murdered as Osama Qdeih, 38, Majdi Ramadan Shbat, Hussein Madi, 16, Ibrahim Al-Ourr, 20, Sidqi Abu Outewi, Mohammed Hajj Saleh, 33, and Alaa al-Zamali, 17. The Gazan health ministry said 1,070 people were wounded, including 293 by live fire, and 25 of those were in a serious condition. Among those hurt were 12 women and 48 children, the ministry added.


Resorting to the regular smokescreen of big lies, or at least exaggerated pipe dreams, Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus accused Hamas of controlling the events around the border fence, sending people to riot as a cover to attempt to carry out terrorist attacks in Israel and plant improvised explosive devices. He argued that Israel was attempting to defend its land and soldiers from such Hamas incursions.[1] [2]




They Cannot Break the Fight for Freedom




Conricus’ apologetics are nothing but a reflection of the way typical Zionists think. The political and military leaders of Israel assumed, first of all, that it was Hamas that coerced the Gazans into protest and fail to realize that this a movement which for a long time has been applying pressure on it from below. Secondly, they think that the killing of the unarmed youth will break the willpower of the Palestinians to fight for their freedom. On the other hand, self contradictory myths form the backbone of Zionist ideology. For example, just a week ago, Israelis commemorated the unsubstantiated folktale of Hebrew slaves being oppressed by the Egyptian monarchy, only to become stronger: “But the more they afflicted them, the more they multiplied and grew. And they were grieved because of the children of Israel.” (Exodus 1:12)


The Zionists are wrong as reactionaries are rarely able to perceive reality. The heroic struggle of the Palestinians will end only with the liberation from the Zionist oppression. While Israel’s propaganda contends that the unarmed Palestinians who were murdered and maimed were terrorists, [3] it fails to mention the fact that its so called sovereign territory is actually lands robbed in 1947-8 from the Palestinians. The motto of Israel is “whatever lands we steal are ours as part of God’s promise to the people of Israel.” Such is the case, not only regarding the lands Israel stole in 1947-1948, but the lands Israel occupied during the 1967 war.


In 1947 the Zionists held less than 6% of the lands:


  Population Land Ownership (acres)
  Arabs Jewish Arabs Jewish
1917 738,000 59,00 6,512,060 162,500
92% 8% 97.6% 2.4%
1947 1,200,000 500,000 6,296,112 378,448
70% 30% 94.33% 5.67%

Source: Palestine remembered [4]


From its very inception the Zionist movement adopted two main myths. The first one, is that the European colonists who settled in Palestine are direct descendants of the ancient Israelites. Similar myths were held by South African Boers who claimed that they are the real children of Israel, coming to the promised land, escaping Pharaoh’s army. Furthermore, when Hertzel tried to promote the Uganda Scheme (it was actually Kenya) for Zionist colonization; he referred to it as “new Israel”. No doubt, if this plan was materialized, the Zionists would have suddenly discovered the remains of a Jewish temple and would have called the Mau Mau rebels terrorists.


The second myth is that Palestine was an empty land waiting for the Israelites to return. According to the pro-Zionist Joan Peters, in her book “From Time Immemorial,” most of the growth of the Arab’s population was in fact a result of illegal Arab immigration. Her figures are not accepted by most demographers and historians, including Zionist ones.


However, “Palestine was not an empty land when Zionist immigration began. The lowest estimates claim there were about 410,000 Arab Muslims and Christians in Palestine in 1893. A Zionist estimate claimed there were over 600,000 Arabs in Palestine in the 1890s. At this time, the number of Jewish immigrants to Palestine was still negligible by all accounts. It is unlikely that Palestinian immigration prior to this period was due to Zionist development. Though uncertainty exists concerning the precise numbers of Arabs living in the areas that later became Israel, it is very unlikely that the claims of Joan Peters that there were less than 100,000 Arabs living there are valid” [5]


If Palestine was not an empty land and its people were mostly Palestinian-Arab before 1947, the Zionists materialized their dreams of an empty land by emptying the country from its native Palestinians population. In 1948 Zionist forces took more than 78 percent of historic Palestine, ethnically cleansed and destroyed about 530 villages and cities, and killed about 15,000 Palestinians in a series of mass atrocities, including more than 70 massacres.


The origins of the Palestinian refugee problem have been the subject of much argument since 1948. Most pro-Israelis claim that the Palestinian became refugees because their leaders ordered them to flee. This version of events was always denied by the Palestinians, who say that they fled in fear from the Zionist militia. No conclusive proof has been produced showing that Arab leaders did order Palestinians to flee. Historical archival research has found evidence of attacks on civilians, and looting.” [6]


What is beyond the Zionist understanding is that these 70% of the people, who live in Gaza as refugees, coming from families who were expelled from their lands and their land was stolen through armed robbery, are saying “enough is enough”. These people and especially the youth have had enough with the inhuman conditions forced upon them. They want a future and they reached the conclusion that dying in protest is better than living as if you’re already dead. They have nothing to lose but their chains. The Israelis are rightly terrified of them because the young Palestinians are marching on the road to revolution. The Israeli army is killing them for the same reason the Romans crucified rebellious slaves led by Spartacus, or the Mexican counterrevolutionaries murdered Emiliano Zapata.




The Cynical Responses of the Imperialists and their Servants




Israel is able to carry out its criminal policy only because it is backed by the other imperialists while the Palestinians are not supported by the local rulers serving either the American imperialists, like Al-Sisi and Saudi Arabia, or Russian ones, like Assad.


Firearms should only be used as a last resort, and unjustified recourse to their use may amount to willful killing of civilians, a breach of the Fourth Geneva Convention,” U.N. Human rights spokeswoman Elizabeth Throssell said.


Lofty words indeed, but these are empty as a shell when not followed by any attempt to bring to trial the Zionist criminals. Even verbal condemnations in the UN Security Council are blocked by the U.S. The right of return of the Palestinian refugees was recognized in resolution 194 already in 1948 but has the UN done anything to implement this resolution?


The corrupt PA authority is condemning the killing of the Gazans, yet these are empty words as it does not break with the so called security coordination with Israel against the Palestinians.


The Zionist Liberals and Stalinists, who support the two state illusion, are baffled as to why the Jewish Israeli masses support Netanyahu. The answer is very simple. Many Israelis support the idea of a new ethnic cleansing because they want to loot the Palestinian properties.


The plunder and looting of Palestinian homes, farms, plantations, banks, cars, ports, railroads, schools, hospitals, trucks, tractors, during 1948 war, were a crime committed not only by the state; but by common Israelis. For example, “From Lydda alone, the army took out 1,800 truck-loads of property.” Ben-Gurion himself was surprised by the large “mass robbery” of Palestinian properties by the citizens of the “Jewish state”. He said in a Cabinet meeting: “The only thing that surprised me, and surprised me bitterly, was the discovery of such moral failings among us [Jews], which I had never suspected. I mean the mass robbery in which all parts of [the Jewish] population participated.” [7]


Thus, what the liberals, whose roots are in the privileged classes of Israel, are actually saying is: “we robbed enough, let us not put those gains at risk,” while the less privileged supporters of the Zionist right wing say: “Wait, but what about us?”


Not only land and properties were taken. A lesser known aspect of the looting were books, manuscripts, personal papers, photographs and works of art. A short film The Great Book Robbery, made by Benny Brunner and Arjan El Fassed tells the story of the systematic looting in 1948 of tens of thousands of Palestinian books in a joint operation by the paramilitary Haganah – that later became the Israeli army – and the Israeli national library.




One Democratic State




The young Palestinian demonstrators want one democratic state as the Guardian observed:


Israel has described the recent demonstrations on the Gaza frontier as “riots” and a ploy to “camouflage terror attacks” led by Hamas, a militant group founded on the idea that Israel has no right to exist. Yet Ahmad Abu Artema, who claims no Hamas affiliation, holds an ideology more often attributed to that of Israel’s president: he says he wants to see Palestinians and Israelis living in one country as equal citizens. “If you want my personal opinion, I don’t believe in liberation [of land in Israel]. I believe in ending the apartheid system in Israel like the end of the apartheid system in South Africa, and we live all in one democratic state,” Artema said in an interview in Gaza City. “I want to live with Israelis.” [8]


The struggle for one democratic state is indeed the way forward. However, the question is how do we get it? We have to look at South Africa and ask ourselves: Is it what we want? The black majority who struggled heroically against the apartheid system were betrayed by the ANC and the Communist Party. While the black majority are suffering from exploitation; leaders like Jacob Zuma who serve the capitalist class of mostly whites, has accumulated wealth and is facing trial for his corruption, The leadership of the ANC, like the Palestinian PA cannot be but corrupt while they serve the real masters of the land.


Moreover, the Zionist apartheid state will not accept the Palestinians as equal citizens. This one democratic state can be achieved only through a social revolution led by the working and Falaheen classes. This revolution must be part of a victorious Arab revolution. It will begin with simple democratic demands, but soon enough the revolutionary classes will find out that the privileged classes keep standing in the way, sabotaging any and all progress towards anything that would resemble a democracy.


Thus, in order to win, the democratic revolution would have no choice but to transform into a socialist revolution. Such lessons were, once again, taught and demonstrated to us by the great Egyptian and Syrian struggles that ended so far in defeat, in our view, only because they were not led by a working class revolutionary leadership, but by the privileged bourgeois classes and their middle class servants.


Mahmoud Darwish in his poem ID Card wrote:


Write down:


I am an Arab


Robbed of my ancestors’ vineyards


And of the land cultivated


By me and all my children.


Nothing is left for us and my grandchildren


Except these rocks…


Will your government take them too, as reported?




Write at the top of page one:


I do not hate people,


I do not assault anyone,


But…if I get hungry,


I eat the flesh of my usurper.


Beware…beware…of my hunger,


And of my anger.


For a Red Democratic Palestine from the River to the Sea!


















[7] Tom Segev 1949, The First Israelis, p. 69






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cropped-supporters_of_britain_red_liberation.pngSyria: Another Chemical Attack Massacre by the Assad Regime!


Support the Syrian Revolution! No to the Astana Conspiracy of the Putin-Rouhani-Erdoğan Alliance! No to U.S., French or Israeli Attacks!


Statement of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 09.04.2018,




  1. The barbaric Assad regime has carried out another chemical gas attack against the Syrian people. According to the White Helmets rescue workers, at least 70 people have been killed and hundreds injured in Douma, the last rebel-held stronghold near Syria’s capital, Damascus. Most of the fatalities were women and children. (A number of shocking pictures of the victims can be viewed here


  1. The regime carried out this mass murder when the negotiations with the rebels about surrender stuck. It is clear that the Assad regime is prepared to carry out monstrous slaughter in order to break the spirit of popular resistance and to facilitate its program of people’s displacement. Since the beginning of the latest military offensive of the regime against the rebel enclave in Al-Ghouta, about 150,000 people have been displaced from this region.


  1. This barbaric slaughter is just the latest in a series of chemical attacks against civilians which the Assad dictatorship has carried out in the past years. According to the Ebaa Agency, the regime has carried out 215 chemical and poison gas attacks until now. (See also the Infographics from Al Jazeera, United Nations and Ebaa Agency in the Appendix.) Given the numerical weakness of its own armed forces, a result of the popular hatred against Assad, the regime depends on massive and indiscriminate terror against the popular support base of the rebels. For this the Assad regime relies mainly on its own and the Russian air force as well as on Iranian militias.


  1. We are aware that the cynical supporters of Assad and Putin will claim again that the chemical gas attack has been carried out not by regime forces but by “jihadist terrorists”. This is of course a ridiculous mockery of truth. How can these idiots explain the fact that if the “jihadist terrorists” have such huge stocks of chemical weapons why do they always deploy them only against themselves and their popular supporters but never against their enemies – the Assadist forces?! As the Russian revolutionary leader Leon Trotsky once remarked, when faced with the Stalinist frame-ups and Moscow Trials: “Even Slander Should Make Some Sense”!


  1. While the Western and Turkish media shed some crocodile tears about the victims in Douma, it is clear that no serious action against the Assad regime and its Russian master will follow. The US might fire a few missiles against an airport as they did one year ago after a similar chemical attack in Khan Sheikhoun. Erdoğan might organize a photograph opportunity for the media holding a baby in his arms. But their deeds speak louder than their words. The Western imperialist powers certainly resent the fact that their Russian rival has become the master of Syria with its puppet Assad. But they definitely prefer the pacification of the Syrian Revolution by keeping the barbaric regime in power compared to an ongoing liberation struggle with all the destabilizing consequences for the imperialist order in the region.


  1. The Turkish Erdoğan regime presents itself as the champion of the Muslim people. But in fact, it works hand in hand with Putin and Rouhani in strangling the liberation forces (the treacherous Astana negotiations). Ankara has transformed and corrupted a number of ex-rebel groups into its mercenary forces (like various FSA groups, Ahrar al-Sham, Nour al-Din al-Zenki and probably now Jaysh alIslam too). These forces have become Erdoğan’s instrument to wage war against the Kurdish PYD/YPG (which has prostituted itself as foot soldiers for U.S. imperialism and which collaborates with the Assad regime). These ex-rebel mercenaries also help Ankara to occupy the North of Syria and to treacherously attack those rebel forces (like the petty-bourgeois Islamist Hayyat Tahrir al-Sham) which denounce the Astana conspiracy and which continue the liberation struggle against the Assad regime and its imperialist master. Contrary to the illusions of many Syrian brothers and sisters, the bitter truth is that the Turkish regime collaborates with Putin and Rouhani and helps the Assad regime to stay in power.


  1. The Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) calls the international workers movement and popular organizations to intensify its support for the ongoing struggle of the Syrian liberation forces. We condemn the Stalinist and Bolivarian supporters of the Assad regime and its Russian imperialist master. We denounce all those who supported the Syrian Revolution in the past but who cowardly deserted the liberation fighters when they stand with their backs to the wall. We call all genuine supporters of the Syrian Revolution to join us in international support for the ongoing liberation struggle!


* Down with the barbaric Assad regime! Support the Syrian Revolution!


* Send medical aid, material support, military aid and volunteers to the heroic Syrian people who are waging a liberation war since more than seven years in face of a military overpowering enemy!


* No to the Astana conspiracy of the Putin-Rouhani-Erdoğan Alliance!


* Drive all occupation forces – Russian, Iranian, Turkish and U.S. – out from Syria!


* No to U.S., French or Israeli attacks against Syria!


* For a single Intifada from Tunis to Cairo, from Idlib to Jerusalem, from Sanaa to Teheran, from Tripolis to Istanbul! Long live the Palestinian liberation struggle against the Zionist state! Support the popular struggles against the reactionary Sisi dictatorship in Egypt! Victory to the Yemeni liberation struggle against the Saudi-led aggression! Down with the capitalist Rouhani regime in Iran!


* For a Workers and Poor Peasant Government! For a Socialist Federation of the Middle East! For a World Party of Socialist Revolution!




International Secretariat of the RCIT




For the RCIT’s analysis, reportage and perspectives of the Syrian Revolution, we refer readers to our numerous articles and documents which can be accessed at a special section of our website:







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cropped-supporters_of_britain_red_liberation.pngFrom Sharpeville to Gaza – Apartheid and its Butchers Will Be Crushed!


Statement by the Internationalist Socialist League (Israel/Occupied Palestine), 01/04/2018,




On March 30, 30,000 -50,000 Palestinians from Gaza, demonstrated for their right to return to their country and lands, stolen by the Zionist state. During the ethnic cleansing during 1948-1947 Zionist forces removed 750,000 Palestinians and made them refugees. Survivors, their descendants and their supporters demonstrated in Gaza behind the fence that makes Gaza a Palestinian ghetto under siege.


A Journalist from Gaza, while being interviewed a day before by Israeli TV, said that the people of Gaza are tired of Hamas and the PA have incited the action. They do not want to live under siege.


The Zionist army responded by shooting live ammunition and tear gas. The result of this shooting was the killing of 17 Palestinians while 1,400 were injured, many of them by live bullets. Two Palestinians were killed by tank fire, the Gaza Health Ministry said. The Israeli military said the two were militants who had opened fire at troops across the border. [1]


Israel blames Hamas for the massacre committed by the Zionist apartheid state. According to Israel, two members of Hamas fired on the Israeli army. Yet no Israeli soldier was injured in any shape or form. Israel, as of yet, has not shown any videos showing Palestinians fighters shooting at the Zionist army.


There are videos that clearly show that Israel killed a young man while praying. [2]


The British Telegraph wrote: “The Israeli military has defended its handling of clashes in Gaza which left 16 Palestinians dead even as footage emerged appearing to show unarmed protesters being shot by Israeli snipers.” [3]


Not only this, but according to Jerusalem Post “Families brought their children to the encampments just a few hundred meters (yards) from the Israeli security barrier with the Hamas Islamist-run enclave, and football fields were marked in the sand and scout bands played. But as the day wore on, hundreds of Palestinian youths ignored calls from the organizers and the Israeli military to stay away from the frontier, where Israeli soldiers across the border kept watch from dirt mound embankments.” [4]


The reason for the cold blooded killing is clear. Israel has ruled out any right of return. The return of the refugees may transform the Jewish majority into a minority. In 1948 Zionist forces had taken more than 78 percent of historic Palestine, ethnically cleansed and destroyed about 530 villages and cities, and killed about 15,000 Palestinians in a series of mass atrocities, including more than 70 massacres.


In the years that followed the establishment of Israel, the state extended its systematic ethnic cleansing. Though armistice agreements had been signed with Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon in 1949, the newly founded Israeli army committed a number of additional massacres and campaigns of forced displacement. For example, in 1950, the remaining 2,500 Palestinian residents of the city of Majdal were forced into the Gaza Strip, about 2,000 inhabitants of Beer el-Sabe were expelled to the West Bank, and some 2,000 residents of two northern villages were driven into Syria. [5]


58 years ago South African’s Apartheid carried out a similar massacre in Sharpeville Transvaal, the ghetto for blacks. The police murdered black demonstrators against the pass system. 69 people were killed, including 8 women and 10 children, 180 injured, including 31 women and 19 children.


The SA Prime Minister told the Assembly that the crowd was in a riotous and aggressive mood and stoned the police. There is no evidence to support this. On the contrary, while the crowd was noisy and excitable, singing and occasionally shouting slogans it was not a hostile crowd. Their purpose was not to fight the police, but to show by their presence their hostility to the pass system, expecting that someone would make a statement about passes. Photos taken that morning show clearly that this was no crowd spoiling for a fight with the police. [6]


The massacre of the people of Gaza was carried out for the same reason. Israel’s position is that Palestinian refugees should resettle in a future state in the West Bank and Gaza. However, while Israel is in existence such positions are but a pipe dream, as Israel actively destroys any hope for its realization by promoting Jewish-only settlements in the West Bank.


Friday’s march in Gaza also coincided with the anniversary of Land Day when Israel killed six and wounded some 100 others.


There is an irony that the killing in cold blood of oppressed people took place at the Jewish Passover. This holiday symbolizes in the eyes of the Israeli Jews the time their ancestors were slaves, who were liberated by God inflicting many pains on Pharaoh and the Egyptians. At the same time most of them support and justify the oppression, including the killing of the Palestinians.


They say: “Do you know what could happen if the Palestinians were able to cross the fence, tens of thousands of Israelis would be killed”. Exactly the same justification of the South African racists who defend the apartheids. Gidon Levi in Haaretz wrote: “The shooting on the Gaza border shows once again that the killing of Palestinians is accepted in Israel more lightly than the killing of mosquitoes.” [7]


It should be noted that the now-deleted tweet from the official @IDFSpokesperson account stated: “Yesterday we saw 30,000 people; we arrived prepared and with precise reinforcements. Nothing was carried out uncontrolled; everything was accurate and measured, and we know where every bullet landed.”


Sarit Michaeli, B’Tselem’s international advocacy officer, characterized the statement as meaning that the “Israeli army takes full responsibility for the killing of all unarmed protesters and the injuring of hundreds with live ammunition.” The army’s deletion of the tweet is hardly surprising. The admission that its killings of demonstrators were premeditated down to the last bullet means it cannot deny responsibility for apparent war crimes, such as the lethal shooting of Abd al-Fattah Abd al-Nabi, 19, as he ran away from the Israel-Gaza boundary fence. Abd al-Nabi was reportedly shot in the head.” [8]


This Zionist killing will continue as long as the Zionist state will continue to exist. Hypocritically, U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called Friday for an independent investigation into deadly clashes in Gaza between Palestinians and Israeli troops, while Security Council members urged restraint on both sides.


Last year Guterres himself, acting under US pressure, suppressed a UN report that found Israel practices apartheid against Palestinians. Everyone who is familiar with the UN knows that the UN will not do anything to Israeli leaders as long as Israel serves the interest of the other imperialists. [9]


Jeremy Corbyn after 24 hours wrote: “The killing and wounding by Israeli forces of civilians demonstrating for Palestinian rights in Gaza is appalling. The UK Government must make its voice heard on the urgency of a genuine settlement for peace and justice.”


The only solution would be a victorious revolutionary struggle led by the workers and the Fallahins. For this reason, we the ISL in Israel (occupied Palestine), the section of the RCIT, support the only possible solution which is Red democratic Palestine with civil equal rights for Palestinians and Israeli Jews, a state that will open the gates to the Palestinian refugees.




















[8] see [1]


[9] see [1]




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cropped-supporters_of_britain_red_liberation.pngBrazil: São Paulo teachers and public workers strike against pension reform by right-wing Mayor


Down with the pension reform and all attacks of the federal and municipal governments!


Statement of the Corrente Comunista Revolucionária-CCR (Brazilian Section of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency-CCRI), 27 March 2018




Public school teachers in the city of São Paulo have been on strike against a pension reform since March 8. This pension reform was first proposed by the former mayor Fernando Hadad (PT) before leaving the office when losing the election. Now the current city’s millionaire right-wing Mayor João Doria (PSDB) has modified the project to a worse version which includes a hike in employee pension contributions from 11% to until 19%, and the creation of a fully funded capitalization pension system managed by private funds for those workers who enter the public sector after the approval of the pension reform. If this retirement pension reform is passed, adding the deductions from the Income Tax, public sector workers face the dim prospect that up to 46% of their income could be discounted, that is, almost half of their wages!


Even the conservative media had to recognise that at least 93% of schools were affected by the walkout, with almost 50% of them closed entirely—and after 20 days these figures didn’t change. No doubt, this strike has been extraordinary! It has been the largest strike action in recent years with a massive participation of teachers and other public sector workers (doctors, engineers, nurses, urban service workers, etc.) during the last week. It has been an example of what is necessary to do when the working class faces a situation in which they see their fundamental rights being destroyed.


In fact, Doria’s pension reform intends to give benefits to the private banks and to increase their profits. Like the pension reform that the federal government of Michel Temer didn’t succeed to implant, this project leads to a complete privatization of pension reform in national level. In this it follows the extremist neoliberal model implanted by General Augusto Pinochet in Chile during the military dictatorship in the 1970s and 1980s.


We from the Corrente Comunista Revolucionária (CCR) consider this strike the most important event from class struggle in the last months against the neoliberal reforms implemented by the putchist government Temer and his allies. In summary, in the last two years and a half, after the destitution of President Roussef, the Temer government and the congress undertook all possible efforts to attack the working class like the labour reform, the complete outsourcing, increasing privatization of Petrobras and energetic sector, educational reform, etc.


The leadership of the mass organizations, the main leftists parties and federal trade unions did not organize a sufficiently strong and appropriate resistance to fight against these attacks. In fact, the mayors of Curitiba and Porto Alegre, in South Brazil, and the city of Rio de Janeiro had already succeeded in imposing the pension reforms against the will of the workers, but the icing on the cake and the most important is the richest city of São Paulo which has about 12 million inhabitants and almost 120,000 public workers. In case of approval of the pension reform by the rightist mayor João Dória, this would encourage the federal government to push the national pension reform just after the presidential elections in October.


That’s why we call all the mass organizations to strongly join this struggle. All mass organizations and social movements like PT, CUT, MST, MTST, PSTU, PCO, PSOL, and other progressive organizations should support the mobilizations with all resources. The victory of the public workers from the city of São Paulo will be the victory of all the Brazilian working class!


* For the cancellation of the Pension and Labor Reform in São Paulo and other cities and no to Temer’s federal pension reform!


*For the cancellation of the labour reform, the complete outsourcing, and the privatizations!


* No to the criminalization of political demonstrations and the criminalization of social movements! Public safety is not the role of the Armed Forces! For the cancellation of federal military intervention in the state of Rio de Janeiro!


* For the creation of committees of action in factories, unions, neighborhoods, favelas and peripheral regions in defense of our rights and against the government of the coup and against any military intervention! For committees of self-defense of the workers and poor in the neighborhoods and peripheries!


* Down with the constitutional provision that allows the army to intervene in political matters!


* For a revolutionary workers’ party – a new world party of the socialist revolution! For the Fifth International!




Important Addendum


After we finished this article we received the news that that the councillors have temporarily removed the project for 120 days. The official reason has been that the mayor didn’t get enough support from the councillors even of his own camp in the municipal parliament. He needed at least 26 votes out of the 55 councillors. But the real reason is that the councillors felt the massive pressure of 100,000 teachers and public worker who stood in front of the building until the last minute. When the decision of the councillors reached the streets around, an indescribable demonstration of joy started among the crowd, an unforgettable and exciting scene for the history of Brazilian class struggle in the last years.


Everybody knows that this victory is not the final battle, because the feeling is that this is a long war. Although we have achieved an important victory, the teachers and public workers left the place and will return to work fully aware that it is necessary to keep the fight and mobilization, and most importantly, with their head up and proud, to be ready for the next battles. Congratulations, teachers and public worker from the city of São Paulo! Your example is the example for Brazilian working class and the working class of the whole world!



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cropped-supporters_of_britain_red_liberation.pngGhana: Close Down the U.S. Military Base!


We condemn in strong words the United States of America Military Occupation of Ghana: We Say No to any Imperial Occupation in Afrika!!!


Joint Statement of Pan-Afrikan Consciousness Renaissance (Nigeria) and the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 27th March, 2018, and




The Pan-Afrikan Consciousness Renaissance (Nigeria) and the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) condemn the recent agreement that was reached between the government of the United States of America and the government of the Republic of Ghana. It is imperative to state that this agreement is not just counterproductive for the Ghanaian masses but it is also a threat to life and limb of the Afrikan people.


A leaked classified document on the 22nd of March, 2018 exposed an agreement approved by the Ghanaian government to grant an unrestricted access to a chunk of Ghanaian lands, military facilities and information to the United States Military since on the 8th of the same month and year. The basic pact reached in this agreement is that the United States Military now has the permit to establish a base in Ghana.


It will be recalled that since the 1980s, successive United States governments have been establishing military base camps across Afrika under the guise of the United States Afrikan Command (AFRICOM) primarily for the purpose of staging and deploying forces on the continent. The newly concluded agreement by the Ghanaian and the United States governments has just revealed yet again the neo-colonial, backward, pro-imperialists, pro-capitalists, nature and character of the puppets parading as Heads of States in Afrika.


The puppet in Ghana, Nana Akufo Addo signed this agreement without any core indication of what would be the gains of the Ghanaian masses. Outside from the fact that this government agreed to an unrestricted access of Ghanaian lands and seas to the United States Military, this government also accepted a tax exemption deal with the United States government. Quite bizarre in the agreement also is that the Nana Akufo Addo led anti-Afrikan masses government agreed to bear the cost for the procurement of the facilities needed for the success of the United States Military base in Ghana.


This agreement represents another step in undermining the achievements of the Afrikan liberation struggle. This struggle has led, among others, to the independence of Ghana and the creation of its first nationalist government led by Kwame Nkrumah and was instrumental to the flag independence of several Afrikan countries in the 1960s.


In the spirit of the collective responsibility of the Afrikan masses at this material point in time, we therefore deemed it necessary to make the following demands:


  1. We demand for the immediate repudiation of any agreement that had been hitherto reached between the United States and the Ghanaian governments on the establishment of a military base in Ghana. We are saying that the lands and seas of Ghana belongs to the people, no more no less.


  1. We are also calling for immediate protests in Ghana and across the continent – beginning with demonstrations, strikes up to the occupation of all Ghanaian embassies across the continent and if possible beyond – until the Ghanaian government repudiates this obnoxious agreement.


  1. We demand from the Ghanaian government to immediately begin the process of deploying the finances outlined for the building of the military base into funding public services like health, transport, education, and other sectors for the benefit of the Ghanaian masses.


  1. We are also calling on the Ghanaian masses to immediately kick-start the process of deposing the Nana Akufo Addo led anti-Afrika, pro-capitalist government for the restoration of a genuine Afrikan workers and popular government based on a revolutionary socialist program.


  1. In the same vein, our movement is calling for the mobilization of the Afrikan masses across the continent to earnestly begin the practical process of dismantling all United States military base camps and other foreign military base camps (e.g. British, French, Chinese) across the continent.


  1. We are also calling on activists of the liberation movement to begin with the creation of Afrikan revolutionary socialist political parties across the continent for the purpose of deposing the puppets and pro-imperialists governments that pervades the continent.


  1. We demand for all practical works and efforts against the re-colonization, re-enslavement of the Afrikan continent.






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cropped-supporters_of_britain_red_liberation.pngThailand: Defeat the Military Dictatorship!


Oppose the Military’s Move to Silence all Opposition! Organise the Working Class and the Poor Peasants for the Revolutionary Overthrow of the Prayut Chan-o-cha Government! Only a Workers Government based on the Support of the Poor Peasants leads to Real Democracy!


Article by Joseph Adams, RCIT Britain, 28th March 2018,,




The military regime of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has recently banned all political meetings in Thailand. This is an effort to stem the rising tide of opposition to the regime by human rights activists and protesters who want a general election for this year and who demand the return to a democratic government instead of military dictatorship. The National Legislative Assembly is striving to delay the elections as Prayut and the regime have promised.


“Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has ordered security forces to closely monitor political groups which are currently launching campaigns to unseat the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) Lt Gen Sansern Kaewkamnerd, speaking Sunday, said he was quoting the response of Gen Prayut, who is head of the NCPO, to anti-military activists who have stated that they will stage a prolonged rally in May to oust the regime ahead of the fourth anniversary of the May 22, 2014 coup. On Saturday, in a bid to challenge the NCPO, the protesters broke through security barriers and gathered in front of the Royal Thai Army headquarters on Ratchadamnoen Avenue to demand that the election. Be held this year closely monitored by 600 police and security officers, around 400 activists had marched from Thammasat University’s Tha Prachan campus to the army headquarters, calling on the army to stop supporting the regime.“ [1]




Reactionary Prayut Chan-o-cha Regime




Prayut Chan-o-cha and his regime have banned all political parties in an effort to rule the country with an iron fist. The junta is in power since 2014 and is promising since then to lift the ban on democratic elections every year. In addition the Election Commission refuses to even register a broad number of political parties which means that these parties will have no right to stand at a general election. “All names and qualifications to be an official party depend on EC approval“. [2]


The current flurry of activity by several political parties in Thailand is because the National Legislative Assembly, controlled by Prayut and his cronies, have put the date of polls for the election of MP’s back another 90 days with a possible general election in February 2019 instead of November 2018. The Political Party Act also demands that registered parties should have a minimum of 500 registered members and 1 million baht (more than £22.000) which is an absolute undemocratic hurdle.


The National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) is well known for oppressing democratic rights as the junta has shown since it took power. Furthermore, the oppression of the Muslim people in the South of Thailand – they make more than 80% of the population in three provinces but live in extreme poverty – has massively increased under the regime of the junta. The latter has cast itself as the protector of Buddhism, backing the reactionary mobilisations of ethnic Thai Buddhists against the Muslim population.


It is therefore more than cynical that the regime of Prayut Chan-o-cha stylizes itself to be the guardian of democracy. “I believe most people now understand well that Thailand is heading towards an election as planned in the country’s roadmap. The important mission of the NCPO, which stepped in to take on a caretaker role is now to do its utmost to get the country back to being a ‘complete democracy’,” Gen Prayut was quoted as saying.“ [3]




Bourgeois-Populist Pheu Thai Party




The largest opposition force is the Pheu Thai Party. Former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra and his sister Yingluck Shinawatra of the Pheu Thai party have recently been meeting with other party leaders in Hong Kong. Both Thaksin and Ying Luck refuse to return to Thailand because of the possibility of their arrest by the regime. The Pheu Thai party is a bourgeois populist party which held power before the military coup. They refused to call for mass protests against the coup d’état in 2014 in order to find a compromise with the traditional elite around the late king Bhumibol who supported the seizure of power by the junta.


The RCIT has previously commented on the role of the Pheu Thai party in 2014: “Thus the Pheu Thai Party is a bourgeois-populist party which represents a minority faction of the capitalist class but which, however, has to rely on the support of the workers and peasants in order to hold power. Nevertheless Thaksin and his party are despised by the elite because it is a party whose strength is based on the support of the masses of workers and peasants who have repeatedly intervened in the political life of Thailand during the last decade by militant mass mobilizations.” [4]


We opposed the reactionary mobilisation in 2013 and 2014 by the so-called “Yellow Shirts” of the Democrat Party which provoked the coup d’état as well as we didn’t give any political support to the submissive and demobilizing Pheu Thai Party. However, we defended the democratically elected government and the Pheu Thai Party against the coup d’état and called for mass mobilisations by the popular movement of the “Red Shirts”. Irrespective of the treacherous failure of the Pheu Thai Party, they still retain support amongst the working class and the poor peasants in Thailand.




Revolutionary Perspectives




The RCIT believes that it is necessary to recruit the best elements of the working class and poor peasants away from the pro-capitalist policies of Thaksin and his sister Yingluck so that they build an independent workers party. To this end the RCIT puts forward the following demands to unite the workers and poor peasants in Thailand in a struggle to overthrow the reactionary regime of General Prayut-Chan-o-cha and to fight for a workers government based on the support of the rural and urban poor.


* For the Overthrow of the Prayut-Chan-o-cha regime! For a Constituent Assembly which must be controlled by the Workers and Poor Peasants!


* For the Right of Self-Determination for all the Muslim peoples living in Thailand! Support self-defense units of Muslim people to protect themselves against the reactionary attacks!


* For the Abolition of the Monarchy and the Establishment of a Republic!


* For the Expropriation and Nationalisation of Big Business without Compensation and under Workers Control! Nationalisation of all Banks and Fusion to One Central State Bank under Workers Control!


* For the Armed Seizure of Power by Workers and Poor Peasants Militias! For the Establishment of a Workers Government based on the Urban and Rural Poor!


The RCIT welcomes discussions on all these questions with revolutionaries and socialists in Thailand. Comrades in Thailand – lets fight together for the Fifth International, a new world party of the socialist revolution! Join the RCIT!














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cropped-supporters_of_britain_red_liberation.pngCorbyn, Brexit and the Blairites’ Call for a Second Referendum

By Joseph Adams, RCIT Britain, 20.3.2018,




The decision to leave the European Union on the 23rd June 2016 is still causing shock waves amongst the two main political parties in Britain. Teresa May is determined to leave the European Union come what may, never mind the consequences. Discussions with the European powers have failed and May wants to leave.


Jeremy Corbyn, the left-reformist leader of the Labour party, has recently said that he wants a soft Brexit rather than a total separation. He has argued for the retention of a Customs union with Europe.


“Jeremy Corbyn had to achieve three things in this speech. The first was finessing the party’s position on the United Kingdom’s customs relationship with the European Union in order to facilitate an opportunity to defeat Theresa May in the House of Commons. And it largely succeeded on all three counts. As far as Labor’s point of disagreement with the government the gap between the two parties is not large though it is of vital importance as far as the Irish border goes. Both parties are seeking a bespoke arrangement after Brexit, but Labour are successfully leveraging the strength of two brands. The first is the party’s overall reputation as a kinder and nicer party than the Conservatives means that “Brexit, but nicer” is a winning message for them politically even if it may stretch plausibility in policy terms.” [1]


The Blairites of course want a second referendum, reject the decision of Brexit and remain within the EU. They support a single European market and a single currency where Britain can compete on the European markets. They have no interest in protecting workers rights or defending migrants and the oppressed from racist and chauvinist attacks. Of course the majority of Blairite MP’s refuse to resign their seats or lose their very lucrative parliamentary salary. Neither wing of the party concerns itself with the oppressed or migrants in Britain. Recently the Blairites have called for the introduction of identity cards – a most reactionary and racist suggestion


“Identity cards and reforms to freedom of movement could stop a hard Brexit, says Labour’s centrist pressure group Progress. More controversially, the editorial also calls for restrictions on EU workers that would see them register with authorities within days of entry and be asked to leave the UK if they haven’t found employment within three months. Labour MP Anna Turley endorses the idea of revisiting ID cards and she suggests Jeremy Corbyn’s call for digital citizen passports means he should back ID cards.” [2]


It has been reported that over 130,000 migrants are leaving Britain because of Brexit, immigration and the uncertainty of the situation.


The crisis of the May government continues over the question of the border with Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland voted to remain in the referendum showing clearly that they want a relationship with Eire, an EU member state, whereas the Tory government wants a fixed border ripping up the Good Friday agreement which brought the fighting between British Imperialism and the IRA to an end. Sinn Fein became part of the Northern Ireland executive together with the Democratic Unionist Party May’s allies.


“The Good Friday agreement was predicated on both Ireland and the United Kingdom being members of the European Union and the devolution settlement created a number of cross border institutions to facilitate political interaction in areas of common concern, both north and south. In the event of a Brexit such cross-border institutions would find it somewhat more difficult to work across the border and the sustainability of other existing EU programmes would need to be revisited. A Brexit would also deprive both the British and Irish governments of a regular and neutral venue, in the form of the European Council, whose meetings have provided the prime ministers of both Ireland and the United Kingdom to enhance Anglo-Irish relations and to discuss Northern Ireland.” [3]


Anna Soubry, a leading pro-European rebel, is proposing an amendment opposing Brexit. She has the support of 30 other Tory MP’s. Corbyn is considering supporting her and this would defeat the May Government on a major confidence issue. This could mean the resignation of May and her government and a general election being called.


“Jeremy Corbyn could use a key Brexit speech on Monday to pave the way for Labour to inflict a Commons defeat on the government, by backing a rebel Tory amendment seeking to keep Britain in “a customs union”. With Theresa May expected to unveil her vision for departure from the EU next week, following eight hours of talks with key ministers, she now faces the prospect of Labour sabotaging the carefully choreographed process. The party has said for some months that customs union membership is a “viable” outcome but a series of interventions from shadow cabinet members in recent days, including Emily Thornberry and John McDonnell on Thursday, have suggested Labour is edging towards making it the preferred result.” [4]


The RCIT Britain took a revolutionary anti-imperialist position over the referendum. We called for abstention in Britain’s EU Referendum. The RCIT Britain calls for maximum unity amongst socialists and revolutionaries and puts forward the following demands to resolve the crisis of leadership in the working class.


* Expel the Blairites from the Labour Party! No to Identity Cards!


* No to Racism or any immigration controls! Open Borders and Free Movement of all peoples in and out of Britain! Fight to form councils of actions in defence of migrants and against Islamophobia! Close all immigration detention centres like Yarlswood in Bedford! End torture, sexual violence and racist abuse against Migrants and refugees!


* For a United Ireland as a 32 county Workers Republic as part of a United Socialist States of Europe!


* For workers defence guards to defend workers and migrants against police and fascist provocation!


* For a general strike organized by the TUC to bring down this discredited and weak Tory government! For a workers government!


* Join the RCIT! Let us jointly build a World Party for Socialist Revolution!
















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